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Denim market 2011

MUA by sonia

image courtesy of sonia eryka,ivan victor lucas and me

Went to Denim Market 2011 at Grand Indonesia mall 2 weeks ago to become one of the catwalk models. yes! i was wearing AYE denim, the best local denim in town i guess. The woman collection was super comfy and it fits like a glove, it doesn't matter if you're petite or tall aye denim will fits us all. Check out their website guys: aye denim


  1. iiiih kamu modelling lagiii? cihuuuyy! ahahahahaha. sorry i didn't come at allll to the gig! >.< amril datang tapi sm teman2nyaaa. hehehe

    when r u going to milan cin? we shud catch up b4 thatt!!!! glinka is moving to australia as well!

  2. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  3. awwee! you look so cool! and you are sooo tall! *envy*

  4. Really curious to have one. Looks like really nice and comfy :)
    Mind to follow back by the way?
    crunchy cheese me

  5. woahhh tara jg dtg ke The Denim Market, sayang gak ketemu ya... :)
    You're so tall Cindy, envy :(

  6. cocok banget jadi model,cantik ,tinggi!!! ;)
    you look so cool in there,lovee <3

  7. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! your photos, so cool :)
    Amazing, i said only this hehehehe
    Greets ^^

  8. Voguish and ravishing!
    Absolutely wonderful! Yeah!

  9. you really have nice body Cindy...*envy
    success Cindy :)