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singapore galore

FINALLY! i just got back from singapore and i abandoned my blog for awhile. since there's no follower coz i'm too shy to publish my blog... -.- but lately after a long chat with sonia eryka (one of the greatest blogger in this country + a new friend of mine) i decided to published my blog from now on..
i went to singapore for 3 days... yesss its a very short holiday but i went to singapore 2 months ago, so i guess 3 days its enough for me and my boyfriend.. take a look at the last pic! yessss its my chubby boyfriend *wink wink* . btw i was surprised coz orchard street has already been decorated for Singapore xmas event! a Singaporean friend told me sometimes they decorate it up to 2 months before the xmas... i will post some foodporns from singapore later

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