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The Hippiegonemad girl began her journey to this virtual wonderland in early 2011.
HGM is a visual diary of Cindy Karmoko. A creative platform and compilation of  her daily outfits, muses, photography, life changing experience, shoe obsession, food and daily thoughts.
Hippiegonemad represents the multifaceted life of women or human in general, the hippiegonemadgirl love to give her audience a glimpse of different emotions and beautiful places on earth that she had conquer.  
HGM was featured in local and international press(magazines and websites) on her first year of blogging. The author of HGM moved to Milan and the blog grew faster than ever, Hippiegonemad was later featured by huge international fashion websites such as New York Times, stylosophy, Nastygal, Teen Vogue, Amica, Net-a-porter,Chictopia, Grazia Italia, Stockholm Streetstyle,Company Magazine UK and many more; because of her unique street-style. 

Cindy knows her passion and her life time goal since she was 14, she wanted to change other's life with fashion and improvement in social skills.
She loves to be in front of the camera, and her love of fashion,art and life made her realize that she needed a virtual diary to archive her daily look, thought, tips and of course her travel journey.
She made a blog called HippieGonemad in late 2010 and made her first post in early 2011. She was known for her chameleon hair, shoe madness, unique style and her thoughts about life.

Cindy is currently a fashion design student in Milan and everybody knows that SHOES are her daily obsession. 

She currently live in Milan,Italy to pursue her dream to become a fashion & footwear designer.