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Miss Mondial X Dian Sastro Wardoyo

I was invited to attend the store opening of Miss Mondial a couple of days ago in Plaza Indonesia. Jakarta. It’s their 11th store but as the brand grew bigger a change must be needed and this time they’re doing a change for the greater good. Appointing ka Dian Sastro Wardoyo as their first brand ambassador for both Mondial and Miss Mondial is a bold move. Not only she collaborates to create four jewelry sets but the profit of every purchase will help other girls in the other part of Indonesia get a chance to make their dreams come true. Miss mondial is collaborating not only with the style icon but also with her charity organization Yayasan Dian Sastro Wardoyo. Together they’ll help 5 girls to continue their studies and those who buy the diamonds will be their hero too.

The Tournesol, Jardin Carre, Drop of The Sun and Solace; each have their own uniqueness, character and story.  You’ll never know how it feels to wear the precious diamonds until you experience it yourselves.
Eventhough my birthstone is the diamond, I was more into shoes and bags than diamonds until recently the Frank&co group invited me to one of their events and after wearing a few pieces for an hour or two… The spell has been cast and now I’m weak. It’s so pretty, subtle and bold at the same time, it’s timeless for sure and you could wear the same diamond over and over again forever.

You could see from the pictures, I felt like a princess when I wear the Drop of The Sun set. They’re so pretty and well crafted. Easy to wear and it’ll show your most feminine side ever.

It’s not only we who got a chance to wear the full collection during the event. Oh basically it’s a star-studded event full of celebrities and I happened to be there with them all. Ririne Ekawati, Astrid Tiar, Sophia Latjuba, ka Dian Sastro and last but not least your girl right here are the first ones to wear the collection. It’s an honor to stand side by side these inspiring Indonesian women and together we promote not only pieces that could change your life but also the lives of others. Let’s be mindful and may we could purchase with a good purpose always. You could go to their new store or Miss Mondial’s store in Indonesia and purchase the collections, the diamond comes in sizes of course to cater your desire and needs. From the affordable pieces to the extravagant one, each one of them will help the girls to continue their studies. Congratulation once again Miss Mondial and ka dian Sastro. I want to thank ka Zoey too, the PR of the events for his support all this time since I was a 20 years old girl in Milan to this prestigious diamond event. My fondness of you knows no boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Try it and be the hero for once.

Photographed by Hans


something new from NIVEA

NIVEA was unveiling their white radiance & smooth serum last week in Jakarta. I got invited to the luncheon and paperdoll workshop by the one and only ka dinda! Not going to lie i was a little bit competitive with myself of course....

Okay back to the most important topic of the day. I need to admit that i don't like to put sun screen anywhere on my body. I thought i only need it if i go to the beach, swimming or if i have a long outdoor activity during the day. Turns out during the luncheon the dermatologist told us that we need sunscreen even if we're indoor! Especially if you sit near the window, you wanna know why? Cause... turns out the sun has uv A and uv B *wait for it*.... and your window will only "filter" the uv B but not the uv A! That's why even if you're not an outdoor person you could still have the spots or freckles too.

In order to prevent the damage and have a slower aging process( yikes.... that'll be in my top ten scariest words i've ever heard from now on "aging") you need to put on the sun screen two to three times a day, just like your healthy meal plan, you need to feed your skin too and protect your largest organ from the sun.

Do you want an example of the true result of diligence? Korean women.... I saw my korean friends putting their sun screen at least two times a day. I didn't know what that is cause i never asked them but after the presentation i knew that in order to get those bright and flawless skin i need to take care of mine more. After all no pain no gain right?

Thanks to the new NIVEA white radiance & smooth serum, it's light weight and easily absorbed by our skin so there's no need to wait for more than three minutes or feeling sticky all they long. You will not be the sticky girl at work or at the public transportation or even worst... elevator. This serum doesn't have any whitening effect, i repeat... this serum will not make your natural skin whiter. It'll make it brighter and smoother and healthier that's for sure. It'll bring back your true radiance and smoothen the texture of your skin. But... You couldn't apply it once and expect the results all year long. You need to time yourself to use it at least twice a day and voila! It's not always about your positive aura (eventhough i'm all about good vibes) but you need to also take care of your "cover" and i think the cheapest and easiest body serum you need is this one... Expensive is not always better but consistency will bring great results.. Oh wow... That's what i thought when i fold those colorful papers during the paperdoll workshop. Namaste peaches...

Thank you NIVEA Indonesia and Fimeladotcom for the fun FimelahoodxNIVEA luncheon!

Photographed by Windy Sucipto
Sponsored by NIVEA


patrick owen fall/winter 2018 show : amazon fashion week

I got a midnight call from Patrick a few months ago, before all the magical thing happened. I was at the hospital in front of the ICU cause my dad was admitted to the hospital for a serious heart attack which Patrick almost gave me one too after he said "so, you're coming to Tokyo to attend my show okay block the date". Fast forward to a month later, i was in Tokyo wearing Patrick's collection with Anazsiantar, Sonia Eryka, Ayla Dimitri, Alika Islamadina, Andyyanata, the media. Witnessing Patrick's creation in Tokyo.

"Where's your mother? Are you home yet?". A total dejavu when i heard the song at the runway. His childhood memories has been the key inspiration since his last f/w collection including this collection RE:MATA. 
He once again wowed us all with his first solo show in Japan amazon fashion week .Collaborating with darbotz an artist from Indonesia Patrick chose to "loosen up" and reform the traditional batik details in his own way. From office uniform(last f/w show) to playground must haves. RE:MATA is daring, raw and full of unfinished business. But behind the youthful lego colors, millenial belt bags and energetic vibe; the collection was full of well thought details: twisted fabrics, elongate knits, javanese prints,reformed traditional embellishments and structured pvc goodness. 
It's smaller in scale compared to his past collection but it's perfect in my honest opinion. Every look is a hit and there's no pieces you'll miss to recall and remember. 28 looks in total for his first show at the heart of Shibuya and it's enough to blow our minds. From the model cast, music, show lighting to outfit styling. Once again patrickowen and team surprise and impress us all. 

Oh i almost forgot to mention that my dear Anaz also launched her duo lips collaboration with lt pro during the Tokyo amazon fashion week, you'll see more in my vlog and you probably already have at least one piece of her millenial duo lips now as you read the blog. A big congratulation to Patrick and Anaz. I'm signing off now to create another blogpost after a long hiatus! ciao ciao

the only second chance you need

fendi, prada, balenciaga, hermes, loewe, dolce&gabbana and all the high end brands you could ever think of they have it. All you need to do is to give them the second chance, to be new again, loved again, be the limelight of your crazy clubbing night or the master piece you carry to the wedding party. You could buy them all for less only at the secondchancebag. Yup, you hear me, only bags are sold there but who knows?

Is it authentic? Yes for sure, unlike the other new e-commerce; second chance bag has been here all along. They just celebrated their 22 years anniversary this month! 22 years of second chances, the authenticity, the quality, the service are all on point. You could even see the quality of the products through your phone screen  or even better they let you come to their boutique to touch and pick your bags personally.

I personally love to stalk their new arrivals, it's so addictive to see all those bags and all those prices. I got a chance to pick my own fav bags from hermes to gucci and style it last month. I learned it the hard way, that once you touch it and wear it you instantly want to own it. They have no scratch, looked like new pieces and some of them you couldn't even find them again cause the brand won't produce them anymore.

Thank you second chance bag team for the fun photoshoot and hopefully i could own the bags too. BRB dreaming about em....


wardah shampoo review

It's been 2 weeks since i started to use  the Wardah shampoo series and i couldn't wait to review the shampoo one by one and tell you which one is my favorite of all.

The shampoos are made with natural ingredients and all halal of course. The series consists of The Anti Dandruff, Nutri Shine, Daily Fresh and Hairfall Treatment.

The Hairfall Treatment: Contains Ginseng and Rosemary, i love the smell of the shampoos. It won't make you smell like you're just had a field trip to a local spice shop for sure. It smells sweet and calming. Eventhough 4 days is not enough to really know the result i feel my hair texture is actually getting better within four days.

The Daily Fresh: Contains Aloe Vera and Seaweed. I love the smell and it's just a light on the go shampoo, if you want to use a heavy hair treatment during your pampering sesh, i recommend you to use this light shampoo so you could just clean your hair without any heavy ingredients inside because mixing heavy ingredients could make your hair oily sometimes. With this shampoo i feel fresh and clean + i always do double cleansing with the daily fresh to clean my scalp and hair.

The Nutri Shine: I use this shampoo for 3 days, it contains Argan oil and Grape seed that supposed to make your hair shine, i love the smell of this shampoo the most but i don't think i need the shine effect of this shampoo now. For you who have dull and frizzy hair, i totally recommend this shampoo for you

The Anti Dandruff: My Favorite of them all! I love love love this shampoo. I have a super sensitive scalp and it's so hard for me to find a local shampoo that works. It contains the tee tree oil and peppermint and smells yummy. I couldn't feel the tingling sensation that i expected but it gets the job done! My scalp is all calmed and clear i started to use this shampoo everyday now. For you who have sensitive scalp do try this shampoo! Super duper love this one .

These new series of Wardah shampoo are amazingly affordable but it works especially for our asian types of hair. It get the job done, i compared it with some of my expensive shampoos ans surprisingly they have the overall same ingredients! Crazy right!! Hope this review helps you and please tell me on the comment down below if you tried the shampoo already!

Photographed by Me and Anastasia Siantar
Product sponsored by Wardah


love and relationship advice

You are complete and there's nothing wrong with you.... I repeat those words inside my head over and over again until i believe that i am enough and my past will never define my future. That happiness will come for those who believe in themselves and the universe will conspires to give whatever that you want. Only if you truly believe in yourself, you are the key to your own success or failure.
I questioned myself last night and what happened to me in the past make me feel as if i'm so hard to be loved sometimes. But you need to feel and be complete first before you try to open yourself to anyone else. You need to heal, take your time. Stop rushing... that's what i told myself this year.
Be complete and be happy in your own solitude. Stop comparing your life with others and just do things that please you. You deserved all the best things in life and you could reach your dreams just like the people you admire the most.
You'll miss the most beautiful things and moments in life when you could only focus on your dark side. You're too  precious and wonderful to just exist without becoming the best version of yourselves in life. In the third month of 2018, let's just reflect ourselves, strengthen our beliefs and love more. Love yourself the way you want to be loved by others.... I got inspired to write this post by all of my friends who didn't stop to try to make me believe that i'm worthy of love and a few people who tirelessly trying to convinced me that i was created with a purpose and sometimes the greatest moment in life happen when you don't plan it. I hope your soul will heal and i'm sending my warm hugs to you. This is a love and relationship advice from me to myself....

Photographed by Michelle Tumewu of Momentobyarla
Dress: Patrick Owen
Shoes :Witchery


sydney festival 2018

It's always fun to explore the Sydney festival during my annual break here. I could only visit one exhibition in carriage works on my last day in Sydney. I felt inspired and looking and walking on this multi colored fabric made me happy that day. It looks simple yet it mesmerized all of the visitors. The hippie gone mad in me was screaming HELL YEAH. I felt as if i entered the long lost world of Hippie gone mad, i'm about to change my blog's name into Cindy Karmoko this year and i felt all melancholic and sad about it. I hope for those who read my blog these past six or seven years will still see the essence of Hippie Gone Mad in all of my posts... and for you Sydney.... See you later this year!

Exhibition by Katharina Grosse
Top by COS
Sandals by scarpa shoes
Photographer Daryl Ariawan