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Always in Style feat. Levis

It's always a challange for me during ramadhan season to dress modestly and to tolerate other's during this fasting month. 
Usually i always wear whatever i like and not even think twice to show my true personality anywhere. 
Thank God my favorite color is black, it's modest, subtle, neutral but bold at the same time. I paired the newest collection of Levis to show you that we could all still be stylish, show our own style during this month of self reflection and modesty. 
Black with a hint of white, red and a pair of pointy heels to refine the look. I opted the oversized jacket so that it'll cover most of my body and black denim to make my legs look longer yet covered fully. As for the t-shirt i feel like it's the easiest thing to pair with, this look is actually my fuss free look for ramadhan. You don't have to think too much but voila! Hope you'll get inspired! 

Photographed by Timothy Felix
Jacket, Denim and t shirt by Levis
Shoes by Alexander Mcqueen


Boss Lady

" In War, numbers are not the issue. It is a question of: Not attacking too aggressively; Concentrate your strength; Assess your enemy; And win the confidence of your men: That is enough"- The Art Of War by Sun Tzu

Hello, back at my new fav place to write my blog. Today it's hella crowded here, lots of meetings going on..... no day off for us i guess. All laptops are on except the seats beside me, i don't know why the women on that seats are always talking about love and weddings. Anyway no matter what we're all talking about or do we're all share the same wifi connection, strong and fast just the way i like everything to be. Oh what an ambiguous statement of mine ahaha. 

Btw since i'm going to to lot's of business meeting too this year and i'm partnering up to build my own company. I won't lie, people do look at the way you look before they decide to work with you, not only looks of course but they don't give "the power suit" it's title without reasons obviously. Therefore I feel like i need more appropriate business look, with a twist of course *cough cough*. I like to look serious and amazeball at the same time! Feminine and strong, blazers and playful earrings, satin pants and a barely there cleavage.... *crying* Well fashion is the way to express oneself after all.

I love the oversized pants and blazer cause fitted clothes make me feel restricted and anxious. I love the balance of this outfit. It's structured, oversized but you could take a little peek of my skin. It's comfy, mysterious and interesting. It's the "You could just watch but you couldn't touch" look ha!. The art of teasing? Just like in business meeting, i like to tease them with a few ideas of who am i and what i could do. 

You could wear whatever you want of course and i prolly will wear something underneath too if i'll meet my future clients. But hey it's my birthday photoshoot! I collaborated with Indra from Nomina pics and Endi Feng my dear dear make up guru. Will upload more outfits and story too! Stay tune peaches... 

Photographed by Indra of Nomina Pics
MUA Endi Feng
Clothes: Duma Official
Earrings: Massicot
Shoes: Alexander Mcqueen 



It's an awesome feeling to smell both coffee and mother earth after the rain but with Coldplay's "magic" playing over and over.... Ahhhh... My saturday couldn't be anymore perfect than this. I'm in a coffee shop btw as i type this blogpost of mine, I finally find the best way to write all of my upcoming blogpost. Nope not in my cozy studio in Milan anymore, not in my all white room at home either.  But in the middle of a crowded coffee shop, with headset and all of my chargers and gadget. 

Anyway it's day 3 of my life as a 25 years old woman... Crayyyy, i can't believe it's been six years since i pour my heart out for the first time here in Hippie Gone Mad. My life is still as mad as ever, looking back.... Wow just wow! 

Such an emotional journey.... I'm grateful for all of the people I've encountered in my life. For those who's there since the beginning til now, those who passed by and also people who said goodbye. 

*John Legend's temporarily painless is on right now*

Looking at the picture instead of criticizing my broad shoulders or  my double chin. I finally could accept that my tan line will stay longer than i hoped for and that girl who posed and fighting the heat with a wool outerwear in the name of fashion were in Sydney... We made it kiddo :)

Not in a million years i could predict that in 2017 i will collaborate with an international photographer, shooting my blogpost by the Maroubra beach in Sydney.  Almost naked... I repeat almost naked.... LOL. Covered with Gaudi x Sapto Djojokartiko outerwear, my favorite piece out of their effortlessly chic collection. I feel like I'm in Stella Mccartney's campaign or something, love love love the vibes and the nude color palette. 

The point is... You'll be fine peaches, you did great so far and as long as you keep being kind and keep reaching for your goals. The universe will be by your side, everything you've gained and lost are part of the process. Learn to let go, learn to be chill all the time... I mean all the time... Not all of your partnership will work out, your love life too! You couldn't get everything that you want, but for me i always prefer to get everything that are the best for me. I kept telling the universe that right now i wanna be no one but me (funny how Tony Bennett's Nobody else but me is suddenly playing in my ears). I live in the now and I'm finally could say the sad soppy Cindy is gone and here comes the peachy Cindy! 

Anyway i gotta go my bestfriend's is here... I'm signing off!! Talk to you guys soon peaches, Buon weekend!


IX Hair Care Review

Hi Guys, finally the long awaited hair care review! I reviewed the three series of IX for almost a year now because i want to be honest and genuine to you guys. As of the quality and which series that suits the most with my blonde hair let's watch the video!


A for Alpha

As an Aries i like to be independent, to deal with my problems on my own; to be the boss of my life. When i heard the name of the brand Alpha60 as a part of Australian Fashion Chamber last year i was hooked instantly. No doubt, the construction of the outfits, the silhouette, the juxtaposition between soft and structured. Intricate fabric treatment and a little dose of quirkiness. Every piece is an art, an investment piece that you could wear over and over again.

i love how easy and effortless the looks are and of course, i have an obsession with jumpsuits since last year and so happy when i saw this one! I can eat everything that i want and still look chic ahahaha. Thank you Alex from alpha60

Photographed by Daryl Ariawan 
Wearing Alpha60                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Exploring Sydney Day 1

There are moments that define your life more than the others. Feelings that change you as a person forever. Thoughts that you playback over and over again like a broken records in your head.


the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist
 When i hear Dan the photographer explained it. At first i associated the word with narcissistic, self-centered, ignorant; bottom line... It was all negativity. But, after he explained it more i could understand and could somehow agree with the theory behind the word. Nobody could feel the way you feel, you could never really feel your bestfriend broken heart nor your husbands's disappointment. Feelings are utterly subjective and personal. You couldn't really say "i feel you" really... Because you can't..... or prevent someone to recall their memories.

Our body has its own way to be alive, we're different from one another. We might had a similar experience or feelings but who are we to measure the depth of somebody else's feelings? I learned to not to judge or trying to find out how other's mind work. I learned to let them be, i realized i could definitely try to explain my point of view but i know you could never change others. We all live in our own universe and we're all have the universe inside us.

That being said... Why am i in Sydney again?

On my last trip to Sydney i met lots of cool people and i enjoy the vibe in Sydney so much i couldnt help myself to say yes when i got the invitation to come and collaborated with a few Australian designers and brand in Sydney but yes i do wear indonesian brands here too. Indo represent here! whooppp whooop

I collaborated with Dan Gray and Charlotte from Maq Cosmetics AU and wearing Gaudi Clothing and together we'll create my Australian Journey. These are the first outfit and y'all may all know i had the photoshoot at the opera house. 

More stories, more blogposts and more of my random thoughts during my trip in oz soon...



Feels Like Home

"It was so right, it was so wrong almost at the same time" - I Can Let Go Now 

It's been awhile, almost a year maybe since i write my last hear pouring session post. No, this is not the one you think about. I actually will talk about my new bag, HA! Gotcha... 
I've been so obsessed with the Dior Defense bag, have you ever have this dilemma whether to buy a new bag or invest on something else? I have that dilemma all the time, since I fully supported myself and i will reach my goals with my own sweat and tears. It's hard to splurge on a couple million for a bag now. I need to think about my future, but then again my future feels empty without a Dior bag on my shoulder, or a well designed apartment, or a hand to hold tailor made in heaven just for me. Hmmm... Hello melancholic Cindy, here we go again. 

Sure our wishes are endless and we could hardly differentiate between our needs and wants. But i found the best solution to all of my indecisiveness with one sentence. Is it feels like home?  If you can't seem to let it go, it was in your dreams and you think you'll go insane if it was sold out the minute you decide to purchase. Go for it sister and brothers in the name of fashion... AMEN.

In life i questioned myself a few times, is this the right thing for me to do? Are these hands the one i'm looking for? Is this bag worth it? Do i really need these heels(ok the answer will always be yes for this outrageous question cause Cindy will never say shoo to shoes)? But then again, the heart wants what it wants whether it's an actual home, a bag or a person. You could feel it, you could feel deep inside your bones if it feels like home. If you want it so much, you miss him so much, you need them so much your hearts begin to ache. Emmm hmmmm... My posts are sometimes way to serious for fashion, way too deep and sometimes even dark. But hey.... This blog is my safe place, your safe place too and i want my blog feels like home too to everybody. 

Jumping to another topic:
Yesterday my friend said love is complicated. I don't think so.... Love is simple, you could feel it deep inside your body and soul. Heartache is real and so do the butterflies inside your belly. But people are complicated, they make love sounds so stupid and wrong. Again, for me if it feels like home then it's a keeper. Everybody wants to find the true meaning of home, some want wedding rings, some want a studio apartment of they're own, some want a family, expensive stuff and precious stones. Some just want to be loved or to own something that they really love. Cause bags are easier to possessed and keep than people... always. Cause an apartment won't disappear after you declare your love and shoes, when you own them they will never walk away without you. Oh Cindy, you're so bitter these days. LOL 

Well you are what you wear they said, I'm currently wearing my defense bag by Dior, Acne shoes and and and andddddd a jumpsuit by Haiku Tony my newest project. Yeay... Shop shop them all in IG: @haikutony.

Photographed by Andyyanata 
Special Thanks to Arzuria apartment