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Feels Like Home

"It was so right, it was so wrong almost at the same time" - I Can Let Go Now 

It's been awhile, almost a year maybe since i write my last hear pouring session post. No, this is not the one you think about. I actually will talk about my new bag, HA! Gotcha... 
I've been so obsessed with the Dior Defense bag, have you ever have this dilemma whether to buy a new bag or invest on something else? I have that dilemma all the time, since I fully supported myself and i will reach my goals with my own sweat and tears. It's hard to splurge on a couple million for a bag now. I need to think about my future, but then again my future feels empty without a Dior bag on my shoulder, or a well designed apartment, or a hand to hold tailor made in heaven just for me. Hmmm... Hello melancholic Cindy, here we go again. 

Sure our wishes are endless and we could hardly differentiate between our needs and wants. But i found the best solution to all of my indecisiveness with one sentence. Is it feels like home?  If you can't seem to let it go, it was in your dreams and you think you'll go insane if it was sold out the minute you decide to purchase. Go for it sister and brothers in the name of fashion... AMEN.

In life i questioned myself a few times, is this the right thing for me to do? Are these hands the one i'm looking for? Is this bag worth it? Do i really need these heels(ok the answer will always be yes for this outrageous question cause Cindy will never say shoo to shoes)? But then again, the heart wants what it wants whether it's an actual home, a bag or a person. You could feel it, you could feel deep inside your bones if it feels like home. If you want it so much, you miss him so much, you need them so much your hearts begin to ache. Emmm hmmmm... My posts are sometimes way to serious for fashion, way too deep and sometimes even dark. But hey.... This blog is my safe place, your safe place too and i want my blog feels like home too to everybody. 

Jumping to another topic:
Yesterday my friend said love is complicated. I don't think so.... Love is simple, you could feel it deep inside your body and soul. Heartache is real and so do the butterflies inside your belly. But people are complicated, they make love sounds so stupid and wrong. Again, for me if it feels like home then it's a keeper. Everybody wants to find the true meaning of home, some want wedding rings, some want a studio apartment of they're own, some want a family, expensive stuff and precious stones. Some just want to be loved or to own something that they really love. Cause bags are easier to possessed and keep than people... always. Cause an apartment won't disappear after you declare your love and shoes, when you own them they will never walk away without you. Oh Cindy, you're so bitter these days. LOL 

Well you are what you wear they said, I'm currently wearing my defense bag by Dior, Acne shoes and and and andddddd a jumpsuit by Haiku Tony my newest project. Yeay... Shop shop them all in IG: @haikutony.

Photographed by Andyyanata 
Special Thanks to Arzuria apartment


Ellips Haircare Shine Like Stars Event

Hi Guys, before you asked me about why and WHY! I’ll speak in Bahasa my mother tongue this time because I’m currently teaming up with Ellips haircare in Indonesia so, with no further overdue….

Hello hello loves, seperti yang kalian tahu di instagram accountku beberapa waktu lalu aku menjadi salah satu blogger terpilih untuk hadir dalam acara Ellips haircare #Shinelikestars event bersama 9 blogger lainya. Sebelum ke acara kita semua diberikan kesempatan untuk mencoba produk ellips terlenih dahulu dan mendapatkan treatment rambut special di salon. Akupun mencoba beberapa variant produk ellips untuk tahu yang mana yang cocok untuk rambutku yang selalu di bleach dan lebih rentan dari rambut yang lainya.

Pada saat acara ada Meet and greet session( ada Julia Estelle yang hadir sebagai ambassador Ellips Haircare) dengan blogger lainya dan yang menurutku paling menarik adalah Q&A session dengan hair Expert yang telah dipilih Ellips. Aku baru tahu kalau selama ini shampoo saja memang tidak cukup karena walaupun banyak vitaminya tapi akan hilang setelah dibilas jadi harus banget kita tiap hari pakai vitamin rambut. Kalau mau tahu takaran yang pas untuk rambut kita dengan pakai Ellips kita gampang banget  taunya karena ellips sudah dikemas berbentuk butiran, jadi tinggal pakai satu butir ellips sehabis keramas dalam keadaan rambut masih setengah basah diusap ratakan dari ujung  rambut dan vitamin rambutnya akan diserap dan  menutrisi batang rambut kamu.

Jadi kali ini Ellips mengeluarkan 3 variant baru untuk berbagai jenis rambut loh! Aku lega banget soalnya rambutku kan sedikit “berbeda” dari rambut perempuan Indonesia kebanyakan. Jadi 3 Varian tersebut adalah:

Silky Black: Untuk yang berambut hitam agar hitamnya mengkilat sempurna
Smooth and Silky: Nah ini bagus banget buat kamu yang rambutnya suka kusut atau mengembang biar lebih halus dan ga berantakan lagi
Hair Repair: Aku pribadi paling cocok memakai varian yang ini karena memang untuk rambut yang sudah diproses dan berwarna seperti aku. Kalian harus rajin rajin setiap hari pakai 1 butir untuk menjaga kelembapan rambut soalnya penting banget loh lebih baik mencegah daripada sudah terlambat menurut aku. Gamau kan rambut kalian harus dipotong pendek karena kering?? Pokoknya kalau rambut kamu mau sehat cobain dulu pakai yang affordable seperti ellips.

Untuk Info lebih lanjut kamu bisa klik dan di situs ini kamu bisa juga dianalisa rambutnya oleh para expert agar tahu serum mana yang cocok untuk rambut kamu. Selamat mencoba ya!

Patrick Owen Fable ss17 with Dulux

Patrick and i had a little chit chat 8 hours before the show started, that turned into a deep conversation about his childhood and his extraordinary mom , the reason why this collection was created. Why there were only 24 models, the snake, the monkey and all of the details that are supremely important.

His poem turned into a narrative song sent shivers down my spine. I felt emotional and in awe of how far he has grown as a designer. The collection was exceptional, risquè and will definitely be the talk of the town. It was poetic but bold at the same time. The brand's DNA was always there, intricate fabric manipulation, the edge, the monochrome and provocative design as always.

Collaborating with Dulux is an interesting too. His special capsule  collection for Dulux are equally well made and refreshing. “Denim Drift” is the main color of the collection and of course it’ll be the IT colour of 2017. It’s calming yet you could always feel it’s presence. It’s soothing and subtle , it makes the person who wear these outfits looked calm and composed.

During the press conference I couldn’t agree more when Patrick said you always see this shades of blue everywhere, in the sky, in the ocean… everywhere. It’s the color you’ll never miss and it’ll be the essential color of 2017. Something that you could see everyday but you couldn’t touch and finally Dulux made it possible for us to touch the sky, the ocean and the light. It’s an interesting color to mix and match with.

I love how this collaboration could give us fashion lovers a new perspective. A new essential color for 2017. 

I adore this collection as much as i adore the designer in person, it's pleasing to the eye , no doubt about it but the most important thing is.. It touched my heart , the amount of hardwork, passion and dedication to each and every pieces are something us young/future designers should learn. It'll be a collection i'll never forget Patrick.. Thank you for the whole experience of #PatrickOwenfabless17 . It was surreal and impressively beautiful.

Lensed by Cindy Karmoko and Andyyanata 
See you on my next post


A Day In the Life of Bloggers | Milan Edition feat Moustachic and Makeover Cosmetics

Hello Beautiful people, i'm backkk... I will let you know what has happened in these few months but hey it's September and it's practically the holy month of the fashion world and i finally could share my Milan Days video with you guys in collaboration with Make Over Cosmetics and my italian blogger babe Annalisa Arcando a.k.a the moustachic.

Product that we wear in this video is too many to tell but what i wear are:

- Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation no.01 in ochre
- Silky Smooth Translucent Powder no. 01 in porcelain 
- Trivia Eyeshadow:  Emperor Brown
- Liquid Eyeliner
- Ultimate Lash Mascara
- Professional Highlight and Contour Palette 
- Blush Pallete 
- Shimmering Powder in Christalis
- Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick no.16 Silhouette

This is what we mainly do in Milan, slow life and having fun cause Italian girls know how to live our sweet life. Hope you could appreciate and in awe of Milan as much as i do. I miss Milan because i could be anyone i want, i could express my feelings through fashion freely and people won't even care. Bold is the word to describe my style, on the other hand Anna is such a sweet individual. She's bubbly and girly but together we could share our makeup collection cause the only thing that makes us different is ourselves. Am signing off and enjoy the video!

Videographer, Editor, co- director: Rufina Ayu Ananto
feat: Annalisa @moustachic
co-conceptor and director: Cindy Karmoko
This Video was sponsored by Makeover Cosmetics 


The Lady and Her White Horse

Have you ever imagine living in a fairy tale book? I do... I imagine all the colorful things, singing unicorns and a bunch of talking flowers. But i don't know why  In my current fairy tale i become the ice queen of the north. Living alone with my dear white horse. She's ignorant and he's always sleepy. They're perfect for each other, two souls longing for their king. She's fierce, expressive but sometimes the other kingdoms call her the mad queen. She could be the storm but inside she's as delicate as the winter snow. She's defensive but kind cause she knows how it feels to be hurt. Her horse on the other hand is wild, revengeful, singing all the sad songs all day, crying and judging all of the doves that are in love in the castle's garden. He told her to hunt and kill the king. Let the world see his head hanging by the tree, he even persuade her to froze the time and stay still in her misery. 
One day she woke up and decided to let the horse go, her heart breaks for the second time that season but it makes her stronger. He plead her to spare his life and let him watch her in silence. He has no where to go, no master to follow and she's the only person he could trust. After all the good time sake she chooses to be kind, she froze him with her once in a lifetime magic spell and he could learn to change his ways and come out as a brand new horse while she's learning to let go of the sadness and gain her power once more. She decided to wait, cause she doesn't want her fairy tale to end. Happily or tragically there will be no good in ends and goodbyes. All we need to do is keep believing and hoping for a better sunrise and a warmer sunsets day after day. 

Photographed by Farah Ang
MUA Cindy Giovanny
Coat by ;


Swimwear Special

Okay, first things first... I got an eye infection a week ago and i really felt like "destiny" the whale shark from finding dory that day. Everything is just too blurry but somehow i could feel a little bit grateful not because i could have the excuse to abuse my uber apps but because it felt as if i lived in a painting for the first two days. Speaking about firsts this post is my first swimsuit post, yeay! Embracing my single and happy life to the fullest. I used to feel super insecure about my body, but i realized as long as i'm happy and healthy why should i care?
I'm never the skinniest, or the prettiest and i'm not one of those charming girls who could attract other people by their aura or personas. I'm just the tallest and the most awkward creature in the room, sometimes i wanna know how does it feel to be charming as hell. How could people love you at the first sight, what's the secret really? Some said practice makes perfect, some prefer to fake it til you make it. But is it just the smile? A beautiful face or maybe they're born that way?
It's midnight here in Jakarta, oh yessss, have i told you that i'm moving to Jakarta for good? I'm  so so sorry if i haven't write anything about my personal life in my posts. 2016 is definitely the year of change and change is good right? How are you bloggers? How's your 2016 so far?
Mine will be better than ever for sure! I even pick a shocking pink swimsuit come on! I rarely use colors other than black, white, grey and beige but hey, never say never right? My color palette changes according to my hair color most of the time. What do you think of pink? Will you wear this swimsuit? It's only $16 and it'll make you look leaner and sexier for sure.... So what are you waiting for? BUY IT HERE.... an tag me if you're wearing the same suit like mine!

Photographed by Sonia Eryka
Swimsuit by Shein