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your temporary love

Ladies, let’s talk about temporary love. It seems like a taboo thing to talk about and it hurts so many hearts just thinking about it. Come on, why should love be temporary? Almost every woman wants the kind of love that lasts, but sometimes it’s just not realistic. The truth is, love comes and goes, but luckily I’ve just found a solution on how to deal with it.

Before you go on and ask me about relationship advice……..sit down girls and chill cause I'm talking about the clothes I love for a few days and can't wait to get rid of it the next week.  I don’t have any solution for temporary love, but to give them a kiss goodbye! But for your never ending love of clothes, i do have a solution for it. Own it, flaunt it, style it all the way you want and return it to the place where they belong.

I'm so intrigued by the idea of fashion freedom - where I can experience an endless fashion possibility that I can have when I'm not limited to anything. Not to ownership, not to space, nor time, and not even to judgement or what the society defines me to be. A freedom where I can just truly be my own self. Style Theory, a newly launched designer wardrobe-rental app (yes, rent it girls!) is offering this kind of freedom and flexibility.

I’ve subscribed and tried the service for months already, and I was delightedly surprised by the various style options that I can try. I do love the service and I never feel judged when I tried lots of new clothes. Everything I want from work-wear, weekend wear to party dresses are available to rent 24/7 only by several clicks away. Just download the Style Theory app, subscribe, choose the clothes and they will deliver it to your doorsteps. Not to mention, the pickup/delivery and laundry are free. It’s already included in the monthly subscription fee. INSANE, right?

I've never imagined before that I’ll be able to experience & explore endless style options from designer brands without having to purchase them first. Now I never need to worry about falling temporarily in love with clothes and regretting it afterwards. And if I do fall in love and want to keep the clothes, I can actually buy them at a discounted price! it's a win-win solution for me! 

Click HERE and start your new fashion journey today!

Dress by Styletheory
Photographed by Graynoise photography


icons of tomorrow tokyo - tommy hilfiger

touch down in Tokyo for the third time this year, i was chosen to attend the Tokyo Icon event of Tommy Hilfiger after his successful show in Shanghai and next New York.

I made so many awesome memories in this city and i couldn't believe i gotta chance to come back and have a surreal experience once again in this sacred city. In the heart of Japan i got the Tommy Hilfiger outfits in my suitcase and BAM the show is ON.

After we landed at the hotel , i went to Tommy Hilfiger's headquarter in Tokyo to meet the team and do a fitting session for the event. There were racks and racks of crazy cool clothes for me to pick, of course it's so hard to pick just one but with the help of Adrian, the PR of Tommy Hilfiger; they altered EVERYTHING for me on the spot. It's like being chosen to attend the Icons of Tomorrow was not special enough. BTW before i continue this further... The Icons of Tomorrow is a group of our generation(if you still consider yourself young ahaha) that's chosen by Tommy himself to represent our generation. His tagline is the leader of today is the icon of tomorrow. He chose lots of influential people from different background with one purpose of spreading positivity around the world. No matter who you are, your body size or the color of your skin.... Kindness matter and that's why i love Tommy Hilfiger so much. He made kindness cool again and I'm honored to be here among the great stars. To name a few... Hailey Baldwin, Lewis Hamilton and Winnie Harlow are the international icons of Tommy. So to be in the midst of them is a dream come true!

Actually i have a story about Tommy Hilfiger, 5 years ago the 21 years old Cindy won a styling competition to New York Fashion Week. That's the first time she went to the US and her first biggest show that she attended was non other than Tommy Hilfiger's. My dream came true that day, sitting with all the fashion icons to witnessed Tommy's newest collection and now... My picture is up there with the stars.... Alongside Lewis Hamilton and Tommy himself, the universe brings me back to Tommy all over again and i sincerely am grateful for the experience. The show was surreal that Alvin; my photographer couldn't capture the light exhibition. The night was energetic, full of lovely corners with a swimming pool the Prince Hotel of Tokyo on the background of. Once again Tommy wowed us all. A pure genius and one of the fashion legends i respect of all time.

Special thanks to MAP fashion for this experience and i hope for those who read this and you don't know how to start your fashion dreams.. Look at me now, and just start with what you have.  Be kind to everyone and master your crafts. Be passionate about all things fashion and your hard work will never betray you. Signing off now... Ciao Ciao 


5 ways to stay stylish in winter

How to be stylish during a cold weather? Like HOW!!! Looking at those instagram goddesses' crop tops, long trench coat and their chanel knee high boots ; jumping up and down the street looking all happy and fabulous in europe. It's a skill guys and when i try it it's HARD.  I hate cold, my body couldn't stand it and i feel weak and moody without the sun. It's hard for a girl who lives in a tropical country to maintain her positive aura  and to stay stylish in a cold weather for a long time. But hey, after two weeks surviving Sydney's winter. I finally have my own formula to tackle the cold weather.

1. Bring your turtlenecks : Stay warm and comfy with a black turtlenecks, just mix them right in your wardrobe, you'll look like a Parisian girls. Classy and appropriate for any occasions. I use my heat tech turtle neck from uniqlo, the extra warm one. YES it saved my life and nobody knows but me, layer it with a few stylish clothes and voila!

2. Use bright colors: When the weather is gloomy, brighten up the room by using your colorful outerwear, dresses or scarf. Red, yellow, blush or burnt orange. People will think you really thought your outfit through and you'll elevate your casual look with colors. I only use one color in this outfit, the burnt orange. It's subtle,  suitable for winter or fall, but the color is not easy to forget. Effortlessly chic and i don't even have to try

3. Flaunt it!: Nobody wants to see a walking salad wrap, unless you're in Iceland or it's snowy. If the weather is somewhat bearable but not really. Pick your strongest body part; it could be your arms, back, legs or for me my calves. Show it and flaunt a little skin!

4. Smile: My photographer said after years of photographing people, everybody love to see people smile. It's infectious and i do believe it's the best and cheapest but essential part of the wardrobe.

5. Settings: Okay, this is not for real people who live in the real world... This is for you internet creatures, don't take your pictures in a plain wall. Let the setting help you to tell the story. I know it's not fair cause i have some wonderful friends who scouted this place for me and help me catch the best light and angle. But pick the right place to make you look even more stylish, the ones that'll compliment your instagram tone and outfits.

That's all and please do comment down below if you tried the tips or if you have more tips to share!

I'm collaborating with Graynoise Photography 
Shoes by Gucci
Top: Uniqlo  


SaptoDjojokartiko S/S 2019

I was late(fashionably of course)... YES i was sprinting from the gate with my stilettos like a jumping deer running from the predators for the 10 am show of Mr. Saptodjojokartiko. The fashionable people of Jakarta were there siting and wowing the collection already, celebrating Mr. Sapto's 10 year's anniversary and his first solo show ever. 
The all white and modern architecture gave the sporty & futuristic collection the spotlight it deserves. 70 Spring/Summer looks of both menswear and womenswear were unveiled. The impeccable craftsmanship made the futuristic movement of the brand looked seamless , from the circuit board embroideries to the millennium silver outfits. His identity is still very well attached of course through out the entire collection. Collaborating with Make Over Indonesia , the team paired soft morning looks with the cold palette, modern melancholic outfits, subtle and delicate seduction. The flowy dresses and golden embellishments won everybody's heart including my own.

It was a sweet and serene celebration of his success and i really appreciate how he mastered his crafts by not getting the trends change his brand's entire direction. The master is in control, wisely moving forward through small and delightful additions of his collection; new embellished pouches, wedges and sunglasses were seen this morning. The logo tees and cape really showed how confident and on trend the brand is and we will be proud to wear his name everywhere. Kudos to one of the most well known fashion houses in Indonesia, so proud and happy to see how the brand grows and this too will be a part of the Indonesian heritage just like the newly restored and modern looking venue of Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees who wear Mr. Sapto's design. I opted this pleated dress by Saptodjojokartiko as a part of my Crazy Rich Asians theme of the month. I'm signing out and please do enjoy the dreamy collection above.

Photographed by Andyyanata , last picture by Benny Lim  
Venue: Istora Senayan
Make up: MakeOver  



oh universe

I actually wrote lots of personal stuff before but the universe forbid and voila! Please enjoy the pics and what do you think about this as my new filter? Do you want more personal stories? I'm trying to revive my blog and please do help me so i could put more contents that you'll like!

Styled by yours truly
Photographed by Sally from Sally&Emily
Top by Patrick owen
Bag by Lily Rose Duffy
Location in Sydney


Miss Mondial X Dian Sastro Wardoyo

I was invited to attend the store opening of Miss Mondial a couple of days ago in Plaza Indonesia. Jakarta. It’s their 11th store but as the brand grew bigger a change must be needed and this time they’re doing a change for the greater good. Appointing ka Dian Sastro Wardoyo as their first brand ambassador for both Mondial and Miss Mondial is a bold move. Not only she collaborates to create four jewelry sets but the profit of every purchase will help other girls in the other part of Indonesia get a chance to make their dreams come true. Miss mondial is collaborating not only with the style icon but also with her charity organization Yayasan Dian Sastro Wardoyo. Together they’ll help 5 girls to continue their studies and those who buy the diamonds will be their hero too.

The Tournesol, Jardin Carre, Drop of The Sun and Solace; each have their own uniqueness, character and story.  You’ll never know how it feels to wear the precious diamonds until you experience it yourselves.
Eventhough my birthstone is the diamond, I was more into shoes and bags than diamonds until recently the Frank&co group invited me to one of their events and after wearing a few pieces for an hour or two… The spell has been cast and now I’m weak. It’s so pretty, subtle and bold at the same time, it’s timeless for sure and you could wear the same diamond over and over again forever.

You could see from the pictures, I felt like a princess when I wear the Drop of The Sun set. They’re so pretty and well crafted. Easy to wear and it’ll show your most feminine side ever.

It’s not only we who got a chance to wear the full collection during the event. Oh basically it’s a star-studded event full of celebrities and I happened to be there with them all. Ririne Ekawati, Astrid Tiar, Sophia Latjuba, ka Dian Sastro and last but not least your girl right here are the first ones to wear the collection. It’s an honor to stand side by side these inspiring Indonesian women and together we promote not only pieces that could change your life but also the lives of others. Let’s be mindful and may we could purchase with a good purpose always. You could go to their new store or Miss Mondial’s store in Indonesia and purchase the collections, the diamond comes in sizes of course to cater your desire and needs. From the affordable pieces to the extravagant one, each one of them will help the girls to continue their studies. Congratulation once again Miss Mondial and ka dian Sastro. I want to thank ka Zoey too, the PR of the events for his support all this time since I was a 20 years old girl in Milan to this prestigious diamond event. My fondness of you knows no boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Try it and be the hero for once.

Photographed by Hans


something new from NIVEA

NIVEA was unveiling their white radiance & smooth serum last week in Jakarta. I got invited to the luncheon and paperdoll workshop by the one and only ka dinda! Not going to lie i was a little bit competitive with myself of course....

Okay back to the most important topic of the day. I need to admit that i don't like to put sun screen anywhere on my body. I thought i only need it if i go to the beach, swimming or if i have a long outdoor activity during the day. Turns out during the luncheon the dermatologist told us that we need sunscreen even if we're indoor! Especially if you sit near the window, you wanna know why? Cause... turns out the sun has uv A and uv B *wait for it*.... and your window will only "filter" the uv B but not the uv A! That's why even if you're not an outdoor person you could still have the spots or freckles too.

In order to prevent the damage and have a slower aging process( yikes.... that'll be in my top ten scariest words i've ever heard from now on "aging") you need to put on the sun screen two to three times a day, just like your healthy meal plan, you need to feed your skin too and protect your largest organ from the sun.

Do you want an example of the true result of diligence? Korean women.... I saw my korean friends putting their sun screen at least two times a day. I didn't know what that is cause i never asked them but after the presentation i knew that in order to get those bright and flawless skin i need to take care of mine more. After all no pain no gain right?

Thanks to the new NIVEA white radiance & smooth serum, it's light weight and easily absorbed by our skin so there's no need to wait for more than three minutes or feeling sticky all they long. You will not be the sticky girl at work or at the public transportation or even worst... elevator. This serum doesn't have any whitening effect, i repeat... this serum will not make your natural skin whiter. It'll make it brighter and smoother and healthier that's for sure. It'll bring back your true radiance and smoothen the texture of your skin. But... You couldn't apply it once and expect the results all year long. You need to time yourself to use it at least twice a day and voila! It's not always about your positive aura (eventhough i'm all about good vibes) but you need to also take care of your "cover" and i think the cheapest and easiest body serum you need is this one... Expensive is not always better but consistency will bring great results.. Oh wow... That's what i thought when i fold those colorful papers during the paperdoll workshop. Namaste peaches...

Thank you NIVEA Indonesia and Fimeladotcom for the fun FimelahoodxNIVEA luncheon!

Photographed by Windy Sucipto
Sponsored by NIVEA