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blogger's yard sale finale!

                                                                          my first outfit
sonia eryka  gave this cute postcard for some bloggers thanksyouuu
i help sonia for the second time at the blogger's yard sale.... it was FUN! many beautiful people walking around, a lil chit chat with heidy   and michelle , LOL-ing and answering many buyers question with sonia's mom, eating, packing, unpacking, then packing again. haha... my second outfits are riotous by sonia eryka! it was lovely... i know my boyfriend will kill me, coz i bought the same type of shorts a month ago(the black one).. but the pink one blew my mind away! it's cute, affordable, and comfy! i will buy those stripes shirts in different color too someday(enough cindy..-.-)....

50k goodies

my second outfit! nice eh?

my new friends heidy and michelle

well, see you when i see you.....


  1. I love your first outfit!! awesome shoes! I've just followed your blog :)

  2. thankyou mellisa! nice to know you btw!