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lovely hair...

pink,turquoise,lilac and blue.... 
should i dye my hair??


  1. hii :)
    i just knew ure blog from gogir )

    u are such a stylish person :)
    love it :)

    wanna exchange the link ?

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  2. I like the turquoise one, I always wanted to dip dye my hair like that. Too bad that my school didn't allow us the students to dye our hair.

    I just knew you from a magazine, and from all those common fashion bloggers it featured, I found that your style is quite different and unique. I like your blog a lot!

  3. wow, the lilac color is one of my favorite,. but I think those color won't fit for our daily life, I think natural color will be much better.

  4. aulia: "i know! right!!!!"

    ratu: "aww thank you so much ratu, i was amazed by those colors and those models who brave enough to dye their hair color! but for me... i never have the guts to colored mine"

    inge:"lilac is my favorite color too! yup, esp. asian,,,, people will stared at you as if we're aliens or something haha(IMO)"