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Blogger's yard sale pt.6

pretty people
i wore: my dad's vintage '93 blazer, belt-far east,shoes-gifted Zara heels


me and sonia

ka diana rikasari
lalita and me
i missed the first day of BYS pt.6 T___T so sad,  but the second day was lovely and fun! surrounded by super beautiful and stylish creatures including my new super stylish friend  lalita ...and  thank you so much sonia for letting me invaded some space of your booth.. last but not least thank you for those people who came to BYS pt.6... yeayyyy!


  1. Love your blazer :) and blogger yard sale seems so fun. But so sorry i couldn't attend it because we are in different country..

    Thanks for stopping at my blog.
    I'm following you now!
    Would love if you follow me too :)

  2. seems you had fun! love the way you wear that blazer <3

  3. aaaa yes yes we should meet up sometimes and take LOTS of pictures! hahaha. i went there on friday to meet sonia as well but turned out that she couldn't come. well, lets wait for the next time!

    ps: u and sonia reminds me of me and my bestfriend. superb! haha

    ps2: LOVE the outfit!!!

  4. ahh I'm so sad I couldn't come =(
    lovely post though =)

  5. followed you, pretty :) nyaaah, ngiriii bgt, pngn ikutan ke bloggers yard sale huhuh. anyways i loove your blazer & tht green heels :) totally look gorgeous! waah kl lo udh kenal lalita bs jd tmn gosip brg nih ntr hahah ;)

  6. Hello Cindy..
    i love ur dad blazer, u look stunning :), btw di blogger yard sale part 4 waktu itu gw prnh minta tolong kamu utk fotoin gw sama sonia. Makasih banget ya udah mau bantuin fotoin, kalo gak salah waktu itu kamu pake mini skirt warna kuning.

  7. love your outfit and loving this...loos amazing!
    Lydz xX

  8. cindyyyy! glad that we can talk quite much at that moment :D hope to see you again, my skinny pretty tall girl!

  9. I love your blazer! It's gorgeous! This event looks like a lot of fun!

  10. aah i baru baca post ini! :D you're so damn pretty and stylish, cek! <3
    sayang yaa u cuma ikut hari sabtu, kalo dari jumat pasti kita bisa lebih banyak ngobrol lol!

  11. i love your style and your blog is sweetie.muakkks.

  12. love your blog!
    your shoes are always soo stunning!
    i'm following you know! :)

    xx ju --> juBook