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Brightspot market "opening night"

mr.B and om yoppie(the owner of obey booth)

me and mr.B's lil sis(she's 5 years older than me)

my HERO and new friend arnoldteja

natasha,sonia , bethanny and me

me and my friend saskia turangan

danjyo hiyoji


i crave youuu
fhenny , lalita ,and me

a very talented young chef and he's a friend of mine! what a small world
I went to Brightspot market's opening night on 28th of April, thanks to Mr.B's lil sis and of course thanks a bunch to arnold  coz he gave me 1 extra invitation so that Mr.B could come too!!
Nikicio and cotton ink were over crowded because of their sample sales and discounts. i only heard "OMG, discount ma discount! and "i want this and this only"" when i walked pass by nikicio's and cotton ink's booth. i didn't buy anything  but the opening night was fun though. i got a chance to meet my friends and fellow fashion bloggers! Mr.B was happy too coz he got a special discount for his brand new hat!
i was surprised when my friend(he was my senior back then) from junior high school was there too as a chef at the chef nation booth! He's a super talented cook! you should come to his booth on the brightspot market cafe!!

btw i decided to wear my DYI short drapey dress(will post a quick tutorial on my next post), mom's vintage jacket(she designed it by herself), jeffrey campbell lita boots and gifted skull rings from mr.B


  1. Great post! I see you had lots of fun! Your outfit is lovely and I love mostly the blazer!
    xoxo Kiki

  2. you are just freaking tall! can't wait to meet you! ga usa ke bangkok ah ke sg aja :p


  3. adu kamu kok cantik dan tinggi sekali siii cindyyy.<3

  4. u made that dress?? lovely!! and I love the blazer too, cindyyy <3


  5. thankyou everyone

    alvi: engga itu aku modif jadi mini dress sendiri tadinya maxi xD

  6. Nice post dear, I can see u had fun :)
    Xoxo, K.

  7. aaaaaaa, if i go to the opening night, i could meet you there but i had a test :(

  8. aah ka cindy you're so lovely in here. so vintage i love it! you're so tall, i envy to you ;)