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Juicy Couture S/S Collection Launching Party

drooling over their jeans and shoes!!!

lil miss cynthia wintery

 FINALLY!!! blogger is back!!!
I thought blogger deleted my account 4 days ago but Thank God they didn't. T____T

It's been a very busy week for me, i began my italian language course earlier this week and it was FUN. I also met new people and made new friends. My teacher is a native italian(yeah he's kinda cute and very very very funny). I also went to several launching parties( i will post em later on my blog) and one of them is The Juicy Couture S/S Collection Launching Party!
I accompanied Lil miss Cynthia Wintery  to this private party, i took several pictures of her as you can see above( she's the cute one!) .
I love juicy's S/S collection!The BAGS, bracelets, night gowns and dresses were so cute i could die!All the guests had a chance to take pictures with the juicy models and brought em home(i mean brought the PICTURES home). There was also a "glitter me" booth where you could dazzle your gadget with different shapes of glittery studs, and of course my favorite part of this party was the strawberry chocolate fountain! *drooling .
Juicy brought the girlier(i couldn't find the proper word to express my feeling) side of me. Thank you juicy for the awesome night! xoxo

i wore: vintage flowery outerwear, forever 21 latex legging, black tube top, black distressed lita boots


  1. I thought you brought the models home, I was like "what?!" HAHA
    btw, I'm drooling over the pink chocolate fountain.... omg


  2. its cool!! <3

  3. I love all those sweets! Look yummy!

  4. wow, it seems very fun right...and i love ur outfit too :) hv fun then sister....

  5. take picture with juicy models and brought them home! LOL Ceka! this part sounds so wrong!

    and omg why on earth Juicy here never have the event?

  6. oh and btw, g dpt resep cheesecake dr sini say :
    hehe mau buat juga?? :)

  7. gilbert: T____T don't get me wrong gilbert .....

    alviana: " i wouldn't bring the models home al T___T but i will(definitely) brought the pink chocolate fountain home ahahaha"

  8. you look adorable in the outfit, the flowery outerwear is perfect :)
    i love Juicy Counture, esp for their watches :)
    success with your Italian language course ^^

  9. OMG, why everything looks so cute?? lol :p love ur blog. mind to visit mine? ;)

  10. your shoes is f a b u l o u s !


  11. wow such a cool event!
    I love your 2nd photo, you and the boys, super gorgeous!! :)

    la femme

  12. wow wonderful photos!! i love Juicy Couture <3 this store looks so nice , compare to the one near me haha :)

  13. ka Cindy..... those chocolate sweets corner... pink strawbeery chocolatefall(what i think it is), mauuu >.<

  14. cool event, i like ur hand bag :)

  15. I love this pictures. The event looks amazing, you look lovely!


  16. wow this must ahve been beyond amazing
    Lydz xX

  17. amazing event. the kind id love to attend! :)

  18. omggg,so envy with youuu
    I wish I could be there too :(
    youu look so pretty there dear <3

  19. I wonder WHY the first thing that I caught with my eyes other than your fancy outfit is the sweet munchies. Is that candies or what??? Feels like grabbing all of them -.-

    If only you didnt correct the line about bringing those models home.

    <3 your look, pretty@

    Sunflares Plethora

  20. Mmm Juicy Couture <33
    You look fantastic as always, I'm ever so jealous of all these jazzy shindigs you get to go to! :)x

  21. oh looks like a very fun event
    and you looks stunning as always

    enjoy the italian languange lesson
    and hope you're doing good dear :*

    now you can access my blog via

  22. i love juicy's store its so fanciful and fun! and their jewelry is amazing one of my favorite necklaces ive bought is actually from there xx

  23. lovely collection & i sure about the men's shirt but love the dress of one girl very adorable & you really wonder how they picked their dress.