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Embracing Indonesian Culture

my first batik!

mom's first selfmade batik

I went to Laksita Mardhawa 2 days ago with my mom. There was a special event called "Keluarga Membatik" there.  My mom and i learned how to make a piece of handmade batik. For those who never heard about "batik" before, here's the info from my march 2011 blogpost.
Laksita Mardhawa is a school for national or international citizens(of all ages,) who wants to learn javanese traditional dance and music. I learned how to play "gamelan" ( Gamelan is a musical ensemble from indonesia) too! It was a fun and unforgettable experience for me. I never love batik that much until i saw the process of making it and did it by myself, it was not as easy as i thought! The instructor said that a flawless handmade batik  took 3-4 months to finished and what i did 2 days ago was just a (very) small part of it. The founder of Laksita Mardhawa said "Your generation never embrace your own traditional culture while many people from the other side of the world willing to pay a huge amount of money to master it and claim it as theirs". Those words were a slap in my face. That's why i decided to post this on my blog. Its July already people! Time flies too fast...


  1. proud that teenager like you still care about our nation's heritage :)
    batik is one of my favourite heritage.

  2. wow, yes it was indeed a slap right on the face, right??? geez...its totally inspiring how u remind us, cindy! protect our heritage!!!!!!

  3. You have a lovely blog here! I can't believe it's July either :O craziness!

    would you like to follow each other?

    ❤ Nhya

  4. aww~
    your batik it so cute >__<


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  6. Great photos! Those are beautiful and it sounds like you had a fun experience making them with your mom on that trip. It's always nice to do something together :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  7. nice post, love the photos! and you're blog is great! :) <--- Moi


  8. nice blog ;)

  9. I love batikkkk!! been thinking of learning to make one like u and ur mom :)


  10. interestign pictures and article!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  11. thanks for reminding us, cindy! love the picture when you play the gamelan, I mean it's really cool! :)


  12. Ohhh wonderful pictures, and happy birthey for your grandma :)
    Greets! Good week!

  13. Haha! Guess we should be thankful that the neighboring country claimed batik as theirs, though. Batik has been all the rage for young and old alike eversince. We never really appreciate what we have until somebody else wants to take it away, so human nature...
    Btw, I'm following your blog via bloglovin now.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season