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You Colour My Life

i wear: unbranded-top, yellow pencil skirt-hanakeshop,shoes-kloom

 I took the title of my blog from one of my favorite song ever, you colour my life by westlife. I KNOW, i know but i love em since i was a kid and they were so handsome 10 years ago. *shameless confession*. Speaking of years..I will go to Italy in 10 days, i need something sweet and bright to cheer me up. Some people can make their dreams come true in years, i make em come true in days... I cried a lot lately, i need a few more months to say goodbye. Yeah I'm a lil bit emotional right now. The secret to success is not about how lucky you are, it's about how many sacrifices you're willing to make. I don't know why but clothes always find its way to make me happy. I wear a lot of pink, red and today i wear everything but black.
Thank you so much for the super comfy and amazing skirt from hanake shop, i can wear it with a simple white tee and still look super chic without any effort at all. Grab em fast ladies! click here for more info and colors. Hanake shop also sell many accessories such as rings and necklaces. >.< *faint
 First appearance of my baby.. chiko! He wanted to steal the spotlight so why not? lol. He even managed to look good (and super handsome) when i was not ready to be photographed... -.- . He's my first bday present from mr.B and soon became my only child and he's SINGLE, anyone?
i'll miss em the most
Last but not least, Mr.B... he will punch me(not literally) when he find out that i include a picture of him in my blog post. haha. He's my best photographer ever, my bestfriend, and lover. I can write more than 10 pages of essay about him but the most important thing from that picture above is that he always wear black colored clothes since i knew him almost 2 and a half years ago but look at him NOW... look at his chino pants! *biggest achievement ever*.
I'll miss all of my blogger friends too! No need to mention their names, but i'll let y'all know that you've colored my life. *baci e abbracci*


  1. Awww.. I love your outfit! Wish you the best for Italy! Do take care there and keep blogging :)

  2. have fun in Italy! I know you will enjoy it


  3. Your skirt looks amazing on you! I love yellow/mustard, it's probably my favourite colour.
    Awww, that's so sweet. I love your dog. He is so cuutttee!! :D

    -Lynne <3

  4. Wish you a bunch of luck there :) you can do it.
    love your top and your skirt <3

  5. love the colour :D, setiap postingannya pasti semakin cantik ka cindy :)

  6. ur going to Italy? take me with u!! haha good luck ka and have a safe and fun trip :D
    "The secret to success is not about how lucky you are, it's about how many sacrifices you're willing to make" i just fell in love with this quote <3 and look at Chiko's puppy dog eyes >.< awww so cute!
    Finally, really loving how u combine these colors here :D we'll miss u too! keep on blogging yaa ka!

  7. Thank you for featured ^^ Take care in Italy yah :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. nice skirt ! u look great. cantikkk ! :D

    have fun in italy !

    The Endless Wishlist

  9. Great outfit ! Love the way that top and skirt goes, cute dog :)

  10. Great color combination between soft purple with yellow and baby pink ur Kloom shoes, so colorfull :)
    Have a nice trip in Italy >>

  11. cindy you look great in this bright yellow skirt!!! and you paired it so cleverly..;)
    have fun in italy (i ve only been to venice before)
    ps. im your newest follower. Please visit my blog if you have the time. I would be super happy if you supported it as well :))

  12. wow nice outfit and i love the dog

  13. hey, it's okay, i thod westlife was cute too when i was younger *blush*
    italy? waw, that's so far from home, but let's catch your dream, girl! keep writing let me --us-- know that you're okay there :)
    i love your outfit as always. the skirt is really fit on u and the shoes just make it perfect (i'm not a high heels-type girl, but i always love when see someone wore them and look cute).
    so, chico is single? great, let meet him with my little girl eris. she's cute and single too, lol. have a nice day, cindy! :)

  14. This outfit is ADORBS! I love that shade of yellow and that purple top is fabulous. Oh, and your puppy is so cute!!

  15. Ahhh Cindy u looked so pretty!!!!
    Wish u all the best at Marangoni (rite?).. Toast for your new experience!

  16. super super love the first photo! you look sooooo cool <3

    PS. you're going to Milan?? I'm so jealous!

  17. ga tahan liat chiko cek....bawa main main ke plopherz dong...suer lucu abis

  18. loooove the look!!!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a give-away)

  19. You look so beautiful, love the yellow skirt.
    Not to mention the fact your dog is beyond adorable! Lovely photographs :)

    Kristina oxoxo

  20. love the combination of purple and yellow on you lovee ;)
    duuuu jangan ke milan smpe ak pulang plis. huhuhu


  21. CEKA DON'T GO!! *dramatic*
    Ah, this is sucks, we should've met more often, but then hey I got a reason to push another italy-trip savings. You'll be missed, but then with bbm and blog... i won't let you far, you're just so lovely.
    Chase your dream ceka... It's all worth the sacrifices.
    Lots of love and goodluck!

    (without any purpose i forgot to tell you that the color works out best on you... but you know i always love your style :) <3)

  22. i can only "bonne chance" .. i dont know the 'good luck' in italian LOL

    see you tommorooo ceka !!!!
    cieee foto studio dulu sblm brangkat :p

  23. Good luck ka Cindy. Have a safe trip to Italy <3

  24. i love your outfit so much! youre realy pretty too!

    anyway, i have an opi giveaway on my blog, would you like to join it? ^^

  25. you look pretty, and I love the colour combinations.
    have a safe trip to Italy, and Good luck!:)

  26. totallyl ove this colour combo, reminds me of philip lim ss12 collection
    ah wish we still can meet before you go off aaaa

    style frontier

  27. wishing you the best of luck in Milan ci <3 looking so beautiful here :)

  28. Lovely look and photos!!

  29. aww :'(
    first , I wanna say "just keep on blogging ka. We will miss you alot! catch your dream.
    dream, believe and make it happen! and good luck!

    and anw , I'm absolutely really love this look . you're totally stunning with that skirt :D

  30. Dear Cindy...

    I'm really sorry that i couldn't be at your farewell party today. I feel really bad, but i'm sure you're gonna have a blast experience there and comeback even much more fab that you already are right now. Please don;t stop blogging and keep us updated. I really am gonna miss you a lot. stay in touch. virtual hugs and kisses!!!

  31. Loving the lavender and mustard combo! :)