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Growing up

i wore:mom's-blazer,riotous-striped tee, vintage-jumper,steve madden-heels, african-barcelet, vintage-bag

15 years ago all i wanted in life was to be a grown up, i secretly sneaked into my mom's closet and wear her favorite blazers(yes that blazer above). My biggest dream was to become a superhero or a doctor( doctor was, is and always be(i hope) our modern day super hero!) or my mom. Yes, she's my superhero. To become a mother of 4 is not as easy as you thought. I'm 19 and for me, even to become the perfect girlfriend is nearly impossible. She managed to become the wife of her 30th anniv boyfriend this year, yes for the dailyversary couple it's 30x365 days, let your calculators do the math.
Sooner or later we will be the grown ups one day, we're getting older and i hope wiser each day.  Yesterday i decided to become a better version of myself, to be more open minded and to be able to trust someone. I learned a lot from mr.B, thank you... and how about you?

Speaking of self improvement, as y'all may know Dignity has been released already!! grab their tees, shirts, chinos and accessories ASAP! just click their logo on my side bar dolls,  coz i will definitely order some of their new shirts today, before those babies are sold out @ the "market place" 2-4 December @ Parkir Timur Gelora Bung Karno.Don't miss it guys, i really wish i could come and shop! bloop endorse, dignity, and other indie stuff,i miss some indo's affordable and original stuff.

Another thing to share, short hair or long hair? I want to cut and color my hair so much. The loveliest lunico photography took this picture for me @ their studio in Kelapa Gading Jakarta, months ago (yes yes I'm a bad blogger)They're the most friendly, sweet, and professional company with a bunch of creative people that will capture the best moment of your life so that you won't miss it. They do pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, fashion photo-shoot and video. I saw their prewed photos and it was amazing. super sweet and lovely! just click their logo on my sidebar for more info! uh oh i booked them for my next year's capsule collection photo-shoot HAHA.

LAST but not LEAST don't forget to enter my first giveaway and WIN a Versace x H&M tee for one lucky winner. I will draw all the entries through btw! and PLEASE do follow the rules, for the blog entry please give me a few words to explain why do you deserve to get the tee? click here for more info! It's an international range giveaway and open until 5th of DECEMBER. Good luck!


  1. i love your shoes

    following you

    hope we can follow each other


  2. already following you

    and i love your green H&M

  3. amaze love ur post!!

  4. love the red background *_*
    omg, and that blazer is the best in my opinion.
    well, your whole outfit is perfect as always!

    would be so happy about a new follower...i dont have much :'(

    Thats my blog,

    :) I love PHOTOGRAPHY and fashion too, which girl doesnt? :)

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  6. i love ur blog and this is the reason i always pass by ur blog..
    lovely post!
    look at the shoes, its sexy girl..

  7. I love your high fashion posts!The tan blazer and skirt really stands out from the red background.

  8. wow! cindy with short hair! chic :)
    but I still love ur long hair better, probably because I love women with long hair haha!
    have a nice day there, cindyyy!


  9. I thought u cut your hair!!It looks good though ;)
    Will visit dignity web!

  10. You look pretty with long hair, but pretty fabulous with this bobbed hair, as well!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  11. love ur blazer and vintage bag! :)

  12. Cuteee as usual ;)

  13. wow you look fab! the bag is gorgeous!

  14. I love your blazer c ceka! me miss you tooo <3

  15. really cool! :)

  16. you're so beautiful dear , and anyway mind to follow me back ? thanks before :)

  17. you look cute with short hair. but i love your long hair, you look fierce! >.<
    i love Ur bag anyway..

  18. i love the bag and shoes ci! you look stunning as usual. <3

  19. Loveeeee your outfit dear! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  20. so pretty :) love the bag

  21. I love the outfit, and I love how you've styled these photos!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  22. woow u look wonderful!wish u happy new year!La Folie