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Hippieness In Me

should i change my blog's name?... no?

So much questions and comments about how am i supposed to blog. i really appreciate every comments that you wrote and every loving supports that y'all gave to me. Yes i used to be a tree hugger (i swear) before someone told me that i used too much hairspray and I'm too fierce+clean(what???) to be a hippie. I love the idea of hippie, to be careless and free, to live peacefully and happily. Some people told me to become a professional blogger,change my name, header, theme, etc; but my first intention was to blog for fun, when did this lovely virtual world become so complicated? My friend shared this song below a few days ago please click the play button!


  1. i think, changing ur blog tittle, header, etc is not really necessary :) walaupun post nya gak selalu bertema hippie, tapi hippie itu sendiri ada didalam diri kakak, sesuatu yg kakak suka. well, changing ur blog tittle juga okay sih. refreshing ur blog :) no matter what your blog tittle is, i still adore your style ♥

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  3. Lovely earrings. Again. Lovely earrings. <3

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. Hippie is the spirit! I think your blog title is fine!

  5. Those earrings look really lovely :D

  6. i love love love your blog !
    pretty cool :D come and visit my blog
    and if you like follow me and i'll follow you back
    have a nice day (Ryan) and yes you have :D

  7. doesn't seem to be any problem in your blog, as long as it's not hard to read, your blog is so neat and I like your post, your style.. your hair!!(i said it a lot of times hhahha )

    or you just have to change a bit (whatever it is) to make it look a little more fresh. :)try something new can get a lot of inspiration right? :) good luck for you :)


  8. I like your name´s blog. Great earrings! <3<3

  9. love ur earrings! :)
    anw, bcs this' ur own blog, so it's ur right to change everything or just keep ur blog like this.. not just bcs ur blog title is hippie so u have to be hippie all the way, no? hehe

  10. I still love your style and blog whatever the header and title are.. :)


  11. there are times when change is one of life's journey :) but it's all up to you to decide, it's your own identity ;)

  12. Heyy, so nice to find your blog. I think you should definitely keep this name, it's bold and draws attention. :)

    I must check out your other posts too, but so far loving this! It would be so fun to follow each other:>

    xx indie by heart

  13. oh no dear

    really love ur name and esp ur photo:))

    u look stunning:)


    rouli xx

  14. I love the earrings and nice video. Pleas don't forget to visit LIFO. It is a fun site for girls that has a virtual closet feature which allows you to upload your own personal closet and create outfits you can share with friends.

  15. actually, ur blog name just caught my attention,,
    i mean its good and different.
    i like it!
    i have followed u coz i love ur blog and ur blog name!
    follow me back ????

  16. you are no hippie. you are mainstream like the other girls actually. (no offense to you, just an honest opinion from your fellow reader) :)

  17. I think it's original!!! Love the litas!!

  18. Hi nice blog.
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  19. decision is in your hand ci cekaa, but i think there is nothing wrong in your blog's name. anyway, you look so pretty in that pic <3

  20. I LOVE HIPPIE! I LOVE YOU! your blog name is really catchy for me, and I think it suits you <3

    anyway, I love your earrings =)

  21. Hello there sweetie! Its been a long time since my last visit & i've missed yiu! great post and i love the earrings!
    Hope to hear from you!

    Hope you're having a great evening!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  22. Just stay with your blog name, i think it's cute.

    Follow my newly created blog.


  23. your blog's name suits you already c ceka. but if u wanna change ur blog's name i think it's also ok because it's good for making something new as long as it suits your personality.
    just ignore what people say about you use too much hairspray,etc to be hippie because that's absolutely wrong! cheer up! hehehe

  24. Beautiful earrings. I really like your blog name and header the way they are :D

    Fashion Dawgs

  25. I did it therefore I say go for it,the sudden change might be good after all.

    kisses from INNER WORKINGS

  26. whyyyy? i like ur blog title!!
    i also like ur earrings =P
    where did u get them?

  27. No need to changing your blog name dear, I really love it. I think your reader love it too ^^ You're so pretty!

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  28. no need to change dear,! thats cool name i guess =)