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Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Fashion Show

 video courtesy of Hippie Gone Mad
I decided to share my (very amateur) video of yesterday's cavalli show to all of my readers. I really wish i could bring my tripod. Cavalli's fashion show was a menswear wonderland. He played with different texture and surface treatments, leather and velvet combined into some reptilian patterns. Different identities were shown yesterday, from classy to urban dandy. From a tight fitted suit into an over-sized outerwear. Son of dave sang tremendously without a flaw, it was one of the most ah-mazing night in my life ever. He was the man behind the white background btw.

asian models conquer the world of fashion?
last pic of the day


the designer
Promise you I'll upload all of my Milan fashion week  street style photos asap. ciao

watch the full video here (courtesy of youtube)

i wore: coat:zara, trousers:selfmade,shoes:happy shoes, sweater:h&m,bag:prada 


  1. u look so cute ! I always have so much FUN when I go to fashion week can't wait for this year !!

  2. Rambutnya dipotong kak? :O by the way, that's adorable! :D

  3. what a really cool design!

  4. did you cut your hair cinn???? or did you just make it into a bun?
    btw, the collections are fab!


  5. this is soo cool! I can't believe you went to a fashion show. hope to see more of your milan fw experience soon :)

  6. Aw wow, it must be so wonderful to be there in the midst of fashion. Are you attending for work? Great collection

  7. i love when men can pull off bright bold colors (lol which is actually really rare in real life)..but i guess a girl can dream? I've been into bold colors lately. keep in touch <33


  8. so jealous ci ck! i love that yellow blazer too <3

  9. I am sooo jealous that you went to Milan fashion week! I hope you had a great time!

    Austin Reed