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What if?

What if... Winter is warm and summer is super cold? I went to Nice earlier this year with my fam, YES Nice was my winter wonderland coz it was sunny all day long!I really miss the warm(or maybe super hot) weather of Jakarta(read:Bali T__T).
BTW how are you pretty indonesian people? yesterday there was an earthquake in Milan, i was at school(sewing my first shirt) then suddenly the earth was shaking, i was a lil bit shock but I've been through many earthquakes in Indonesia, my heart told me to keep calm and keep sewing. I also heard(and saw) the video of a very awful accident in Jakarta. My heart goes to the victims and their family.

i wore:charles jordan sunnies, gifted-jumpsuit,prada-bag
 There was a kid who died because of that super careless woman.He made me realized that time is precious.Last year everybody were talking about the end of the world according to the Mayans etc. What if.... This year is the last year of your life? What if the judgement day will come sooner than you thought? Will you buy that pair of louboutin that you really love? will you  hug and thank your parents before they suddenly disappear ? Will you be bitchy and full of hatred all the time for the rest of the year? No I'm not ready to die, Steve Jobs said that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. I need to give my parents all of the happiness that they gave to me, i need to say sorry to everyone I've ever hurt and i know how it feels to be hurt. I've tried my best to be a better person each day, but have you ever hate one person so much til you become exactly like him/her? my new resolution is to forgive then forget. How about you pretty people?btw i went to gym hours ago (for the first time here in Milan) and i almost died... too much macaroons, pizza, and pasta? any diet suggestions?


  1. lovely jumpsuit :*
    what I would give to exchange the weather.
    It's extremly cold right now in germany. so jealous >.<

  2. Great look, that bag is gorgeous <
    Really lovely photos at the beach.

    Indie by Heart

  3. You're so pretty ^^ The first photo is my favorite :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Love love looove that jumpsuit!

  5. i love your outfit to the beach! you look gorgeous :) the sunnies are also super classy heheh ive been digging the oversize sunglasses look.

    sorry to hear about those 2 stories :( i know what you mean. sometimes it is hard to forgive because people in this world act horribly to one another through their inconsiderate actions and behavior. i myself always try to be a kind person to others but sometimes people take advantage.. i'm learning not to overextend my kindness this year..also learning to forgive and forget like what you mentioned too!!

    for diet.. i think just trying to eat healthy generally can help a lot. i dont believe in diets because they never work (for the long term). if you implement one day every week where you eat something you like (such as ice cream, or pizza, or whatever you like), then you wont have to suffer cravings throughout the week. maybe also eating more smaller portions thorughout the day is a great way to increase metabolism and lose weight too! chicken salad with yummy beans, veggies, for lunch is a great alternative. i love that!

  6. kamu udah langsing banget ga usah diet cindyyyy! :p btw, I also sometimes get to think what if this year is really gonna be the end? I still have lots of goals in my life. it's not fair!!


  7. great photos kak! :D


  8. love your jumpsuit!!♥ and the pictures are adorable :)


  9. awww cindy you're more more cool than before!! long time not visite your blog, i love this post looking summer ,hihi thereis in milan? andhow about milan?

  10. the jumpsuit looks great on you..
    well this post make me remember of those Mayans' oracle, and yes same here, I'm not ready to die too.. still having lots of things to do in this life

  11. i love your bag!
    i've followed your blog :))

  12. you have a great body, don't need a diet.
    love your bag ! Hope it won't be the end of the year too, there are many things that I want to do. :)

  13. CK my dear why are you bothering yourself with gym or diet?
    You're great already and what you need is just some simple routines you can do every morning to keep in shape, that's all!
    I missed you and our silly chat, I'm sorry I've been such a hit-and-run chatter I always had reasons to feel blue and down lately :( But this morning I saw your comment at ario's and you mentioned me!!
    I've been soooo sensitive and I feel totally touched to simply know I'm one of the person you missed. I love you miss crazy beautiful!

  14. you look lovely. super gorgeous hair!

    love from the NaNa girls x

  15. cindy!! i miss youuuuuu! errr
    sexy banget yak kamu!
    loveeee <3

  16. love the photos! you look great in it.
    i read what you write, i was sad and when it comes to the end, i laugh. LOL
    why you need to diet? you already have a great posture.

  17. you look so beautiful with the jumpsuit ci ck!! <3 and yeah, i also want to forgive and forget about the mistakes people made. but then it is not that easy for me. yeah sure i can forgive, but the things i really want to forget cannot be left behind easily.

  18. thx for your comment on my blog =)
    wanna follow each other? ^^

  19. Thank you so much ♥ You are really pretty :)

  20. Love your outfit posts :)

  21. Cekaaa, awwe your thoughts are simply so touching.. if this year is gotta be the end of the year, then I should better change my mind of going to Melbourne for study but instead take all the money and travel around the world and meet you all the lovely ladies!
    you are goddamn gorgeous and don't bother with diet anymore, you are size 2 and that is amazing!!!!
    miss yaaa ceka!


  22. Lovely blog <3

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  24. hey, Cindy! :) thank you for the comment in my blog!
    I really enjoyed reading your post! everything you have written here is actually true and people should definitely think about it.
    btw, love your bag! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  25. lovely beach! :)

    let's meet;

  26. i envy you for going to school in europe, make the best out of it Cindy! great pictures as always.


  27. Your photos are AMAZING, so stylish!! I love your blog, its so creative with wonderful combinations!! In my opinion a really good inspiration sweety :)
    Coment my new outfit in
    Just follow me and i'll do the same, thanks darling :)

  28. IN LOVE with the Prada bag! Your photos are so beautiful!!
    Would you like to follow each other and keep in touch? I'm following you through google friend connect :)
    Take care!
    XO, Janie

  29. gorgeous lady !! ur jumpsuit is stunnng!!
    super like!!


  30. u r so pwettyy!! beautiful place btw! :)

  31. Y U SO SEXY?!! pleaseee everything looks fabs on youuuuu... please i really miss youuu cekaaaaaaa :(

  32. Love that jumpsuit! The photos are lovely ;) Ohh and I'm crossing fingers that apocalypse won't happen this year! So not ready.

  33. Great photos. These photos makes me miss the beach and summer so much =)

    Really enjoyed your blog. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog and follow me if you like it! Thanks =)

  34. nice has a great beach and I love it so much! you look so pretty :)

  35. I can't believe that ci Cindy was actually visiting my blog :DDDDDDDD
    you're so fabulous! <3
    that one last paragraph is meaningful.. I always think like that too, but I always waste my time day by day -_-


    Passion Elixir

  36. Loved this. Thank you for your comment! ^^

  37. These are some lovelypics. Like the way they seem warm and summerlike, when I look outside my window is a whole lot of snow there instead! :/

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Im sorry for my delayed answer!

    Really like your blog!

    Follow eachother?


    /Linda from Sweden

  38. hii
    Gorgeous pictures!

  39. lovely bag :D

  40. It looks so beautiful there, I love your prada bag! Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  41. you look gorgeous as usual with that jumpsuit and red lips :D