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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Shoes:Naima, Bag:zara

i wear: vintage-shirt,h&m-legging,Naima-shoes,zara-bag,collar necklace-h&m
First of all big thanks to Naima shoes! I was searching for a pair of studded shoes since a year ago but i never find the right one for myself. That's so sweet of you Naima to give me a pair of your San Donato heels. *faint* . They're so comfy and edgy, all i need was a simple nude colored outfit and a silver collar necklace. I always put on my favorite pair of shoes when i have a bad day and yesterday i found out that my favorite sewing machine just... died. RIP my janome and the italian repairman said nothing but "mi dispiace"(i'm sorry) after i waited for 3 months for him to repair my sewing machine!! Thank God my shoe collection just grow out of no where(*smirk). 
I knew Naima since two years ago,and saw their super crowded booth twice in Brightspot Market but i never had a chance to try a pair on because the crowd there... were just too crazy,but you don't need to wait for brightspot market to try on your favorite pair of naima shoes now,you can find Naima's shoes at Abacus store,level one, Grand Indonesia-east mall AND Soled Store at Jalan.Panglima Polim. Promise myself to visit their store someday...
follow my twitter and maybe you could meet me at level one grand indonesia in June/July when i come back to Indonesia for my summer holiday!Don't forget to follow Naima shoes' twitter account for more info about their new arrival and maybe PROMO @itsnaima or feel free to email them at!  Ciao!



  1. we have the same shoes. loved your collar necklace ;3

  2. Love your outfit, especially your shoes! Fabulous.


  3. Cool outfit!I love the shoes so badly!

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  4. wahhh, mau k jkt, kalo ktmu boleh foto? ;)
    Btw, love your shoes kak :D

  5. beautiful hair, awesome bag, cool shoes and adorable you!:)

  6. I want your bag!

  7. Those are amazing shoes! Also love your entire outfit :) If you like my blog, do you want to follow each other? :)

  8. do come soon ci i want to meet you! you look so gorgeous here.. me adore your shoes ;DD