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Milan Fashion Week Recap pt.2

lily donaldson
me and joan smalls
 Here are some pictures that i took during the Milan fashion week. All the top models were too skinny to be true, read more  and droll!!

sheer in a cold weather
camel and red
The Franca Sozzani
Lindsey Wixon(major cuteness)
Image courtesy of cindy karmoko & krista rompas

Will update my blog asap, am going to buy some of the  marnixH&M collection  today! another giveaway? no? yes? and please don't forget to vote me HERE to become the first asia's top glam blogger. pretty please people, every click counts(just click the like button! thank you so much!!


  1. >.< they're so skinny!!!!!
    yes! another giveaway pretty pretty please :p

  2. all of them soo skinnyyy!! omgg! envyy..
    giveaway? of course yes!

  3. I voted for you! Hope you will win! :)
    they are sooo skinny , great post btw! :)

  4. Lindsey Wixon!!!! So envy with you!!

  5. Nice photos Cindy, like i said before u're so lucky can meet them in fashion week :)

  6. I wish I can go to that fashion week :'| I envy youuuu :x

  7. If only they'd stand near a pack of dogs, you can hear the dogs fighting over them...
    Nice post!

  8. yay for another giveaway! omg ci ceka i envy you the mostttt, and you caught the editor of Vogueeee.. omg.