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So nobody ever told you baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to you baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see
-estranged by Guns N' Roses

Have you ever felt estranged? alienated? or lonely perhaps? Believe it or not, i felt em before... and yes i judge some books by their cover coz i believe you need to have inner beauty to make yourself look good, or at least clean and healthy, self conscious is a part of inner beauty right?  Beauty comes to those who are persistent to live their life to the fullest in a good way, i saw an old but stylish lady with her pink twill coat and kitten heels a few days ago. She simply became my role model in life, no matter how old you are, how many wrinkles you have and how many walking sticks you own; never look down at yourself, every era builds characters, appreciate what you have now because age is just a number. 

Another think to share for those who haven't choose their major yet, never let anybody look down on you just because you're different, some of my schoolmates used to hate my sense of style, just because i  failed to fit in their "super amazing" life back then. Their level of excitement towards fashion were simply different than mine. My parents wanted me to choose public relation or marketing as my career path just because i could. The idea of 9(am) to 6(pm) cycle of life was not my dream. I love to do something good and create something with my hands. I'm a melancholic(trust me), i could observe a pair of shoes for 6 months(and still counting) just to see the beautiful details, the arch construction, pattern and philosophy behind the design + it'll be my love at the first sight everytime i see those babies.If you're as crazy as me, choose fashion, but if you only love to shop or staring at vogue for a week monthly, choose another career, like momma dello russo said "you can never be lazy in fashion".  Ask yourselves, do nerves and brains excite you? literature and poems maybe? You can be the star in every major you love just keep this in mind, there are many ways to rome, but never a short cut honey...

wonderland in my hands and say hello to my new baby by Cambridge satchel company
I'm obsessed with lilac for nearly half a decade of my life, found this lovely oversized cocoon dress last month in Madrid. It was lovely but a little bit tricky to wear, it makes you look thinner or fuller at the same time.btw i met Yvan Rodic of facehunter 2 weeks ago, we had a 2,5 hours walk through some various corners of Milan's city center, i accompanied him to search some unique stuff to be captured + let him tasted the best gelatto in Milan(ha!) then he gave me many infos about fashion, photography and most importantly life in return.
dress:COS, shoes:Jeffrey Campbell, Bag:Cambridge Satchel Company, sunnies:H&M
after a quick 5 minutes photography lesson. photography level:tourist T__T


  1. wow! lilac's my favorite color and you're one of my fav bloggers! keep posting!!!;)

  2. Everything about this outfit is just perfect! Love the pop of neon and you rock those pair! X

    1. I JUST LOVE THIS POST! Keep it up, you really inspired me. Xoxo

  3. love your outfit so much. nice styling. adore your accessories and your pretty lips..

  4. ohmyGOD. i love, very love, much much love this post. :)
    inspire me a lot.
    my story is almost the same as yours.
    my momma ask me to choose public relation, while i want fashion design.
    momma tells me that public relation will give me a better career than fashion design.
    but, i still fighting for what i want, fashion design.
    and almost like you, i think much times before buy stuffs, i see the details throughly, and is it comfort enough to wear. Could the stuff make me fall in love ? Moreover love at the first sight.
    my momma said that i was the hardest shopper. LOL
    i buy stuffs by my own money. and unfortunately, i dont have much money. then most of the stuffs that could make me fall in love is quite expensive, i have to saving money for whole time first.
    i was thinking to stop reaching my dream :) it looks too hard to reach. and this post help me so much.

  5. love the color combination between lilac and neon..different and refreshing :) and i LOVE COS. it's one of my fave brands ever. i just envy you because you can wear spring/summer clothing already. milan seems beautiful with its sunny sunny weather :')
    i agree with you, sometimes just because people like to shop and read fashion magazines they claim themselves they want to work in the fashion industry without knowing how stressful it can be if you don't have the passion. out of all careers, i think being a fashion designer is one of the toughest. a fashion designer should be the boss, should focus on the market, have a leadership skill, a non-stop designing cycle, and many many more. i salute all the fashion designers out there who made it to the top. they must've worked like a horse.

  6. found you on Chictopia- LOVE your neon satchel! the dress is lovely too :)

  7. lov all of ur outfit.. U look so ahmazing :)
    mind to follow me back?

  8. spellbound with your shoes! you rock!

  9. OMG!!! your bag and shoes are epic!!!

  10. i wanna stole ur bag ceka!!
    tons of kiss! <3

  11. I love your your shoes and bag!
    you really look pretty with it ♥

  12. omg! this is my favorite post so far! the wrtings the outfits! everything!

  13. YOURE OLDDDD. HAHA! *verbal abuse ceka dari jauh* :)) I miss you bebe come back soon! Fotonya lucuuukk jangan bilang difotoin Yvan Roddick? Hahahaha love!

    Sonia Eryka

  14. Your bag is awesome item! Want one for me too! LOL

  15. So pretty! Huge love for your bag <3

  16. the neon satchel ! oh truly stole my heart!!!! Cindy, you're just beyond stunning!! love it!


    Myrrh Goldframe

  17. love your style cindy..:)
    especially your cutee..

  18. the neon bag <3<3

  19. i do agree with every sentences you wrote! age is just a number, so true! 2.5 hours are such a long time, lucky you ci cekaa to spend it with him ;D

    anyways, i love your new bag and necklace! lilac fits perfectly on you <3 xx

  20. I agree with everything you said! I totally enjoyed reading your post :)


  21. AMAZING look! I can't stop staring at your bag and shoes!

  22. i love the highlighter yellow purse!!

  23. wow this is just perfect, Cindy!!
    I'm in love with your shoes, killer shoes!! :D gorgeous cambridge satchel, want it too! lol

  24. amazing photos! u look gorgeous! i love ur styling with so many accessories :D
    check out my blog too if ud like: bread and butter

    xoxo, Eliza