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Featured on Nastygal-blog

Some of the nastygal's readers emailed me today and asked me a few things about my stinger spike  shoes. One of them gave me this link.... Thanks for the featured nastygal! and yes my baby is a jeffrey campbell stinger spike in transparent color, i bought it from this fabulous site called nastygal.It's super comfy, it's cool, and my babies are sold out everywhere.:)

you can check the rest of the article here


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!
    Yup,that shoes will for sure attract some flocks, or any flocks in any case....... ;P

  2. great style! you have a very good sense of fashion ;)

  3. great shoes! i got a vintage pair of michael kors transparent sandals, can't wait to wear them!!!!
    take a look at my blog and follow if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  4. oh i want to get a pair of another JC, hope i could next week when i went overseas!! congrats on the featured btw cii ;) xx

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