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Girl's bestfriend

YES i'm in Jakarta, Indonesia NOW - 31 august. Brought a few things from Milan for the most anticipated event this month "Summer Wipe Out" @ Ninotchka. I only bring 5 pairs of shoes for my 3 months trip and i need more! Accessories are part of my life,  I love beautiful things and yes diamond are our bestfriend ladies!
No i don't have any of those gigantic diamond rings on my fingers(yet, lol) but look at that shiny little strap of joy on my left hand!

Thank you so much for my sponsor Anjolee! They sent me the loveliest package of all time to milan a few weeks ago, yes, it's their "Wavy Hood link Diamond Tennis Bracelet" (*faint). The awesomeness won't stop there, they allowed me to customize my own diamond bracelet! size of the diamonds, length(dear gentlemen do measure your ladies' wrist and fingers before you give them a very expensive piece of awesomeness) , color of the bracelet AND the diamonds, etc.
Anjolee is an exclusive company from America who sell our very own bestfriends ladies... jewelery... They'll give you the best experience of "treasure hunt" ever, because you can actually customized all of your jewelery within seconds and see the results right away (online!). You can adjust everything according to your taste and of course budget. Your jewelery will always come with an exclusive box.  You can buy pretty much everything you want there, not only bracelet but also their diamond necklaces (*cough to mr.B) andlast but not least their diamond hoop earrings

Feel free to check out their lovely website here
p.s: you can also purchase my tennis bracelet on their website


  1. omg the silver rings are wonderful ♥

  2. aku mau semua aksesoris nyy dongg kece bgt :D:D and welcome back to indo,hopw i can meet you someday ,good luck for summer wipeout!!

  3. I wish I was in jakarta hahahha. have fun!

  4. love the rings! xo

  5. love the ysl ring!!! so nice!!!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  6. ci cekaaa.. all of your accessories are always rad and fabulous. major love! <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

  7. i love the Diamond Tennis Bracelet.. you such a gorgeous one w/ all of those accessories <3

  8. Super duper kode post....... :))

  9. love your watch! <3