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I See Through My Dreams

I had 3 nightmares consecutively two days ago, In my dreams i lost the most important person in my life, eergh 28 days til Milano maybe i was too sad to go back to my school life? btw A few years ago a lovely best friend of mine taught me to have the biggest dream I've ever had. I pray everyday since 4 years ago so that i have a good education, partner, and a nice life. I never thought that i could make my dreams come true (one big step at a time). Those judgmental people said that i was brainless, i was a full time dreamer etc... Yes i postponed my university life because my parents(yes even them) thought that i have no talent in fashion at all. Honestly i never thought that i could live in Milan and become a fashion design student there.
 You! pretty people need to have 3 kinds of dreams; small dreams, big dreams, and a BIG FAT + wildest dream you could ever think of.PRAY for your biggest dream ever(1 at a time) because your wildest dream will help you to achieve your small dreams. You can set your wildest dream as your goal too if you want. When i realized that God spoiled me enough(okay, toooo much), i asked Him not for me, but for others too. Pray for others more than you pray for yourself and everything that you want will come to you :)...
image courtesy of lulu'

In this post i'll share my smallest(okay medium) dream to y'all. I browsed a website yesterday called Lulu's and i found many of my favorite brands there! I couldn't help myself to droll over my laptop screen and scream "OMG i want this i want that i want everythiiiing". The pictures above are my current wishlist from Lulu's. *finger's crossed*. See through black dresses(because someone bought my see through dress in summer wipe-out) , SHOES, and i need at least one more shirt for formal occasion no? Which one do you love the most? If there is none, visit Lulu' and share some with me!


  1. Great picks, the third dress is gorgeous :)

  2. love those black dresses <3 great post

    Alexa <3

  3. im so happy you've been chasing your wildest dream ka cindy, i wish i could see you in a couple of years you become a great fashion designer in Indonesia and in the world. keep dreaming :)

  4. Yes, don't ever underestimate someone's dream bcause we never know how high we are ! :D

  5. Lovely images! I really like Lulu's too - they have very cute clothes for a reasonable price. :)
    And I found your post lovely. It is definitely super important to keep track and a hold of your dreams, even if some people doubt you.
    ♥ xixia |

  6. I'm loving the black dresses. A black dress is always appropriate, and you can do so much with it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Perfect combinations, classy and good taste!

  8. that nude jc nightwalk will be suitable for you, i think! and yes dream big ;D xx

    Letters To Juliet