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Bottega Veneta s/s 2013 collection

 During the last Milan Fashion Week , I attended the private re-see of Bottega Veneta s/s 2013 collection in their office. I wished i could have everything in my size and took them with me! This will be my longest post ever because i think my readers should educate themselves and respect fashion design more than ever. The collection was so different from the s/s 2012,remember the sexy silhouette, strong colors and foxy ladies? In this collection you can see a stronger woman, more matured with the 40's silhouette and modern edge. Tomas Maier (once again) proofed that he's not only a genius but also the master of art. I couldn't believe when i was told that every single details, beads, metals, and studs on the outfit above are all truly sew by hand. In my opinion he intentionally twisted the vintage, feminine and calm silhouette with the super modern edge this time and... it works!

 Have you ever seen a Bottega Sunnies before? I'm sure you'll notice the famous pattern of Bottega on the side of this lovely sunnies. For the next spring/summer collection Bottega will launched their eye-wear worldwide, you can find every pieces of their sunnies in the store next year! This sunnies with the cabat weaves are their signature pieces.
 When I saw the runway video i didn't notice that the flower ornaments were actually laser cut and they're all reattached to the dress, the hardwork and labor for this collection are definitely jaw dropping, as a fashion design student i appreciate every pieces of this collection so much. My most favorite dress from the runway was the fringe dress, i thought that it was made from hundreds of thick thread or small ribbons... i couldn't stop WOW-ing when i saw this dress and it was actually made of hundreds of equally cut silk fabric that was twirled one by one.
stamped leather jacket
For all of you young ladies and women who need a big "throw everything in" bag, you'll definitely need these! Finally they launch the Bottega Cabat print tote bags, the initial purpose of these bags are as a form of protection for your precious bottega bags(when it rains for example), but! For all of the business woman out there who thinks that your bags are too precious to be a laptop and documents bag, you can have these instead. I will definitely grab one of these totes for my school stuff.
The shoes stole my heart already, everything is so chunky and vintage when it comes to s/s 13 collection, they made it in 3 different height for every women like me(who think the higher the heels the closer to God) or for those lovely ladies who think that a few cm high is enough. They also launch a new design of the bag "Volcano" , if you're a Bottega lover you'll know that it looks like an unfinished intrecciato patterns! To fulfilled all consumer needs, Bottega also produce their new line that are more affordable, classic, simple and casual for daily wear. The price is slightly different from the usual Bottega dresses because they keep their highest standards of all in every pieces of their product.
Last but not least! If the Cabat weaves are the IT and most sought-after thing last year, next year it will be the bottega's loveliest farfalle! Farfalle is an italian word for butterfly, as you can see the laser cut leather and snakeskin farfalle are everywhere! You will see it in the bags, clutch and even shoes next year. For all of the fashion predators out there you can start drolling and saving up for the next s/s collection of bottega veneta. I hope i will see many confident and strong women with Bottega next year.


  1. omggggg how cooolllllll! amazingly unique <3 anyway ciii so happy to read your comment on m blog :) btw, ive posted a new post. check it out ya ci <3 thankssss <3

  2. Everything is so lovely! It must of been so fun and cool to get to go!


  3. great post honey, the necklace is so cute!


  4. so much awesome stuff! :)

  5. First, congrats to you for being featured on Vogue Italia. My mom used to work for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazine, and to see yourself in well-renowned fashion mag , the feeling is amazing.
    I love Bottega Veneta s/s 2013 collection. It's vintage but looks modern at the same time.
    I know this is inappropriate for me to ask but do you want to follow each other? I may not have all-fashion post but oh well.. Nvm looking forward for your upcoming post

  6. thanks for your sweet comment! oooo such sweet and awesome items! :D
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  7. The collection is so cool. The ornament is awesome and looking like a vintage thing. I think people will really go crazy specially the hippies.
    i must say hip hip hurray hippies.
    Hippie Lovers from Nepal