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King of The Swamp

Today will be my super long post because some of choo pretty people really need some words of courage, not only to dye your hair but to live happily in your own way.;) Deep in my heart i know that i need to start working on my school project NOW, but my blog is calling me. I got a few emails and friend-talk about how judgmental people are, blablabla. Most of them ask me "How on earth i have the courage to change my hair color?" and my answer(or maybe question) was "Why not?". You own your body and soul, you own your life, freedom and future. Just because i have my hair in lilac color it doesn't mean that I'm a sinner, a bad girl, or a lower class(and so do you pretty people). I never understand why some people grouped others by class and the worst part is that they isolated themselves and refuse to socialize with the lower class. They even refuse to love each other equally, the thing is... the future of others aren't in their(read:elites) hands. Just like Oprah, she was raped, abused and she didn't come from a lovely environment, let's just say her family sucks but look at her now! She's one of the richest people on the showbiz or maybe earth. You will never know and you can never judge a person's heart by how their economy situation now or their family background. The richest people on earth came from the lowest part of the social hierarchy, and fortunately they will have the last laugh. You will only get a bunch of fake friends if you grouped yourselves with a bunch of people who need to ask what kind of car or bags do  you use when you first meet them. For me, i love to be interesting, and i don't even care about my background, hair color or my past. I believe that my dreams will come true, and if your parents told you to be the king of this concrete jungle, practice makes perfect, life is just a tricky game. Be the king of the swamp first! a very dark and gloomy social swamp, be the alligator! and if you survived...challenge yourself to be better than those people who laugh at your hair, body, family, past whatever, the most important thing is... to be better than yourself. A few years ago people called me fat, ugly and they laughed at me when they know that I'm so into fashion. People will always have something to say about you anyway. Just like my momma Kimora lee said "I will never say goodbye, but see you soon, because at the end I'll meet you all on the highest top"
Black denim: Promod
sunnies: Anna Dello RussoxH&M
shoes:Kurt Geiger gifted from my lovely sister
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  1. I love your advices in this post.. and btw your hair is awesome, don't listen what haters say, we are who we are. :)

    welcome to visit:

  2. it's kinda weird when people say you're bad just because you dye your hair in lilac. nothing's wrong. di indo pun banyak yang nge dye rambutnya jadi blonde. pede aja ;)

  3. it probably look weird at first time because you have such gorgeous hair and it looks really healthy, but seeing you with confidence, that color becomes cool and fits on u very well! and for me, you look prettier with bangs :3

  4. Your heels! Pure love <3
    And your sunglasses are so unique, hahaha :D looove
    Your hair is great. There are always people who judge you...I never listen to them. It's my life :D

  5. Cekaa canttiikkk~~~ super love your shoes and glasses! that's aligator right? super unique really..and i totally agree with your statement above! :) but, sometimes it's hard to manage the motivation..


  6. Always live your life the way you wanted to, don't care about others' opinion and hateful comments, at the end of the day, it is still your life, and those people will just ended up biting their fingers looking that you are slowly but climbing ahead of them.

    Life is too short to hang out with bunches of fake friends. Put on your nicest heels and walk away.

    Take care!
    Gracia from GANDA

  7. still love ur hair ♥ ur style ♥ and alligator sunnies is the best part :)

  8. Great advices, you look great and stylish!

  9. I absolutely love your glasses, fantastic look! :)

  10. you hair is so awesomeee! me lovee
    that sunnies looks great on you!
    yes cant wait to meet you at the end of this yearr

    and yesss totally agree with you
    when i want to dye my hair that time im not sure but heck care of what others think
    we are just need to be us


  11. Awesome look. The heels are really gorgeous. LOOOOOVE your blog. Maybe we can follow each other?


  12. ur hair is amazing! <3

  13. wow!! your hair and total look is just amazing! ;)

    Let's follow each other, dear?
    I already do!
    My blog:

  14. don't worry about your hair. you look stunning . and if i were you, live in another country, not indonesia, i will dye my hair to lilac. its genius.

  15. they talk, because they feel threatened. and i'm super liking this quote "i will never say goodbye, but see you soon, because at the end I'll meet you all on the highest top" ;)

  16. your shades is so sick! \m/
    Major love!
    Bisous! :*

  17. Your hair makes the whole outfits look stunning ! Lovely :D and you have long legs, I envy you <3

  18. loving your frames and shoes ci <3 you look stunning as always :) anyway please kindly check out my new post! thanks <3

  19. your hair is literally a dream, the shades are perfectly carved within, thank you for sharing on the outcasted, about how people are being outcasted and how they embrace theirselves and mark their names in the world. it's about self-expression not any of remarks of outcasts.

  20. such an inspiration! greeaat <3

    want to see my new post ?

    xoxo ♥♥
    grace |
    my blog "Storybook" | Pin For You

  21. your haiiirr...i want to dye my hair like that, but i don't have any courage..hahahaha
    i love all your outfiiit!!! especially the sunnies..i want to have it..really :(

    mind to see my blog and follow me too?
    thankyou :)

  22. The Dello Russo croco glasses look rad on you! x

  23. you rock the ADRxH&M glasses! and i do agree with your wise words, we need to trust ourselves before expecting people to trust us (:

    Letters To Juliet

  24. I really love your hair colour! Like a barbie \o/