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Happy 2nd Anniv Hippie Gone Mad!

 OH exam thingy consume my social(media) life, i forgot that i need to celebrate my 2nd blog anniversary a week ago, but happy 2nd anniversarry Hippie Gone Mad! I remember i wore the SAME sweater from my first anniv post (you can see it Here ). I wash it with a washing machine and it shrunk into a crop top by accident T__T. 2 Years has passed people! yeay, I can never thank you enough for all of the support and sweetest comments ever. I feel loved and really enjoy what i'm doing right now. I never thought that my daily outfit and personal taste will be known by a lot of people. A few of my new friends asked me why do i blog and why do some people are so obsessed about their blog's follower lately. I explained to them that some bloggers do have different intentions towards blogging, let's say they're the Hitler or the top recruiter in this virtual world, but me and my dearly friends that i know pretty well are a bunch of people who wants to immortalize their daily outfit in this virtual world, we love to be photographed and share our opinion about fashion, as simple as that.

 In this post i wear my DIY veiled beanie! It's Jil Sander inspired, since it was sold out but i can't help myself to make one by myself. What if...... I give my DIY beanie as my blog's anniv GIVEAWAY??? tell me what you think about that.
 That robotic and RAD necklace that i wear is from my sponsor antykbutyk . All of their necklace are ah-mazing! They're made to impress, Period.
 Last but not least, I heard a very devastating news yesterday, I would like to give my dear ArnoldTeja a big hug right now, stay strong arnold, i send my deepest condolences towards you and your family. :(
photographed by winnie iskandar
black denim: Promod
DarkKnight clutch: Braccialini
Veiled Beanie: DIY/selfmade
bracelet: vintage
rings:New look, H&M

p.s: without you, Hippie Gone Mad is just a silly name inside my mind... thank you so much Mr.B :)


  1. Nice beanie hat you got (made) there...:D
    it's a nice idea too..

    hm...i also wonder why these days lots of people so worked up about follower lately..D:


  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary Hippie Gone Mad !
    yeeiii congrats :)
    anyway, i fell in love with your heels ❤
    that's super awesome!
    and your look great :D

  3. ah-mazing sweaterrr <3 <3
    omg, i can't imagine to see you in 190cm
    you're soo talll!! envy envy

  4. yayy happy 2nd anniv ci! love the beanie :)

  5. love ur top!!! congrats for the 2nd blog aniv!!! keep inspiring :)

  6. REALLY LOVEEEE THIS LOOK!those sweater and clutch and beanieee are so damn cooollll...<3<3
    happy 2nd anniv Hippie Gone Mad! :)
    keep inspiring and keep blogging!you're trully my inspiration fashion blogger.. thankyou :)

  7. omg this is rad!!!
    totally fall for your sweater and your clutch, your accs, your shoes!(well everything in this outfit)
    anw happy anniversary for my fav blog hippie gone mad<3333
    stay fabulously inspiring!;)

  8. happy 2nd anniversary HIPPIE GONE MAAADDD! loving the top eventhough it's shruck but still looks cool tho. i want the beanieeeeeee!!!!!

  9. happy birthday to your blog!
    nice look!


  10. congrats for the 2nd blog aniv dear
    You always fascinate and inspire me as a new person in the fashion blogger

  11. happy 2nd anniv to the gorgeous blog hippie gone mad!! loveee everything that you're wearing Cindy <3


  12. you always look amazing Cindy, ombre sweater and beanie are killing! :)

  13. purty heels, purty girl! and that necklace is surely awesome!
    happy anniversary for your blog! keep blogging because you inspired many people! <3

  14. amazing look. love love love this look soooo much. love the combination..


  15. loooooove the shoes... and the beanie.. think i'ma diy my own...

    regarding followers, i understand why some people are obsessed with number of followers they get.. its some form of confirmation that what you are doing is good... and the higher the number the more the satisfaction. 'Unfortunately Society has created this monster within us'.

    I really dont mind being asked to follow back because chances are i will anyway because i get all sorts of inspiration from different people and blogs.


  16. WOW! That ombre sweater is amazing!

    p.s. Don't forget to check my Maison Martin Margiela with H&M GIVEAWAY ^^

  17. happy birthday to your blog!! your outfit is stunning!! =`)


  18. totally looove this look like seriously! haha
    i'm a fan of black and this outfitt is just badass

    happy anniversarry to hippie gone mad
    cheers to more blogging years ahead
    style frontier

  19. You look amazing as always! Lusting over the bag and the sweater! xx

  20. you have such a super long leg ♥.♥
    omg the prettiest and my favourite post of you!

  21. Those veiled beanies have amazed me ever since I first saw one. I love that you made yours yourself. It looks freakin' adorable. And your heels are too hot for words. Happy anniversary to you and your wonderful blog!

    May the force be with you.

  22. are those clutch still available, dear?
    I have a Braccialini bag and they are made of the finest leather material..but that clutch is it!

  23. happy 2nd anniv to your blog! you look gorgeous and i love the sweater! i think it looks better now. and you look beautiful as a blonde<3

  24. OMGOMG happy birthday HGM, sukses selalu buat CK dan para HGM-holic <3333



  25. happy 2nd anniversary HGM :)

  26. happy second anniv to HGM!! and i love this rebel but still sophisticated kind of look, and blonde hair suits you well i think you need to stay this way! and yes, the beanie for the giveaway! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  27. Happy 2 anniversary!!!! Very cool :) LOVE LOVE this outfit. You are sooo original and love your style.

    ZARA and TOPSHOP gift card giveaway for $400 each on! ENTER and WIN :)

  28. Your look is so cool! I love your cropped sweater... I think it is amazing after the washing machine accident!


  29. Look at how chic you are! No wonder there're many people featuring you on their website!!

    Summer Flounce

  30. Love your sweater!!! And your hair too

    Please visit