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Louis Vuitton Fall 2013-Menswear

I'm sure that all of you fashion babies saw the live streaming of Louis Vuitton menswear fashionshow last week, i'm inspired by the menswear details lately. All i can say is Brava Kim Jones! We will see a lot of velvet for menswear i guess, Kim Jones gave us the idea of the perfect traveling outfit for men. It wasn't LV if there was no leather and precious bags in the runway. It was a breathtaking moment for me when i saw the boys walking down the runway. I could see a lot of 1800's inspiration, the asian influence in man's exotic robes with the asian prints reminds me a lot of the 1800 era.

My favorite outfit of all was this one, casual with a high dose of swag. the precious coat matched with the casual tee and beanie and oh that lovely big bag. This particular outfit gave us the idea of a perfect individual, only a few people could pull this outfit off. I'll be this kind of guy if i was born to be a man, effortlessly cool and full of swag.
 Kim Jones bringing the LV famous leather work into clothes, the clean cut and perfect tailoring was accompanied by the brand's famous precious things... THE bags and accessories are to die for! I almost died when i saw that bag, mr.B will love it for sure. 
 The most unique and one of a kind backpack i've ever seen in my life, i need this bag! I'm never a fan of backpacks but thou shall travel with this kind of bag!
and last but not least, the sunnies... nuff said.... I'm waiting for this precious thing to grace the store shelves. All i can say is " Dear boys, please.... thou shall live by this LV fall 2013 collection"


  1. oh yes! boys should all rejoice!

  2. I love the entire collection of Louis Vuitton FW13! And I want that fur bag!

  3. Man with perfect attire! we need more and more like them in here! XD

  4. and those backpack! I need to replace my school backpack! ASAP! hahahaha...

  5. i always love velvet tux! and LV has a really nice take on that.
    plus the bagpacks collection are just awesome
    btw ck, i really love your turquoise hair color! looks great on you
    i'm thinking of re-dyeing my hair too, but not sure what color hahah

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  6. geee i know right the collection issss amazing! i love the textures on those coats and jackets! <33

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