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#ThoughtfulSunday "Self-rewarding"

Get started now.With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stonger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful-Mark Victor Hansen

Finally my new baby is hereeee, my newest jeffrey campbell that i bought from nastygal! A little reward for myself won't hurt (at all) right?? Will have an outfit post asap, not today... I had a massive back-pain, cold and sore throat since 2 days ago; but we need to be thankful in all circumstances. :) I use to whine and complain if something bad happen to me, i still do that sometimes...

 I kinda miss my mom lately, and a story about my mom begin... My mom knew that i'm a shoe maniac since a few years ago, she never spoiled me with all of my fashion needs though, maybe because she's a business woman. She dragged me to a self-motivation and presentation class when i was 14 years old. She gave me my basic needs and the best education I've ever get. I remember how happy i was when she bought a pair of heels for me but she was the one who forbid me to choose fashion as my career path. We fought a lot, a lot for 12 months (read 1 year) because of her decision to postpone my education. YES my education, she wanted me to choose marketing, newcasting, PR, business or anything but fashion. I never show my sketches to her before so as a business woman she simply wouldn't take the risk to invest "that much". She taught me to earn her trust, to earn my first 1 million rupiah, to sew her broken sleeves, to not to whine, made my own prom dress, etc. She taught me to be grateful in all circumstances, and to be tough. I once thought that she didn't love me as much as she love my sisters and brother. I was and maybe am her second or least favorite but i'm grateful to be me now. God knows what i love and He spoiled me a lot, i could treat my mom with a humble seafood dinner after the summer wipeout @ ninotchka last year. I could buy a lot of stuff without my parent's money.
When i saw my new baby yesterday, i knew that i cheated on my commitment to buy something super expensive for myself this year but one will never say shoo to shoes anyway... For those who can't stop asking or whining and maintain their superspoiled-behaviour , try to earn your first $100 then try to  buy something you really want with those precious $$$. I realize that i become more mature and wiser after i work really hard to get what i want. I learned to set my own trend, to buy a few versatile and everlasting things instead of a gigantic volume of trendy stuff. You will find your true-self in the hardest situation(amen). The hardest part of growing up is to say you have everything when your parents(esp. my dad) want to give you more. I want to make my parents proud, they invest too much in me and I'm smart enough to not to take that extra money. Karma does exist and my parents(oh your parents too!) are waiting for their good karma to come. that's all for today, Happy chinese new year everyone.. ciao ciao!


  1. LOVE this heels!!! OHMYGOSH <3

    xoxo, Mich

  2. love your new JC babies, the metal cap is awesomeeee! and nice sharing, and yesss as i grow older, i realized that i need to buy classic apparels instead of the fad ones..

    Letters To Juliet

  3. i love your style i love your thoughts i love your writing. happy cny, i hope you have a wonderful year :)

  4. stunning chic heels!! so unique!!

  5. thats really a super gorgeous shoes ❤
    Happy CNY :D

  6. Lovelu new babies ceka! And what a lovely mom have :) I believe that she did that because she loves you :D

    crunchy cheese me

  7. love it ci ceka!
    nice sharing ci :') I agree, I need to learn to stop buying things that I dont really need :')

  8. wise words from you, dear :)
    i always enjoy reading your thoughtful reflections about life :) inspiration much? :D

  9. Being mature in young age is priceless.. Way da go! Make ur parents proud *hugs (ps: the shoes are to die for)