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Featured on Hifashionmagz

 First of all, thank you so much Hifashion magz, not only for featuring me in their first edition but also choosing me on their first cover! I feel loved and yes being 21 years old wasn't that bad after all. They will launched their first online edition in a few minutes from now so CLICKHERE to read their awesome mags guys! btw should i dye my hair back to black or salmon pink? which one do you prefer? help! :)
 read more to see my interview section with hifashionmagz


  1. Kyaaa you look fabulous on that cover cindy! :D
    And yes, I probably feel the same way with you, to be honored as the featured on their first edition :)
    Salmon pink is great anyway <3<3

    crunchy cheese me

  2. Hi, Cindy and Eva..

    Terima kasih ya udah bersedia 'tampil' di HIfashion Online Magazine edisi perdana ini..

    Kita seneng bangettt..

    Good luck for both of you! :)

  3. Congrats on the feature! You look stunning <3 xx

  4. I absolutely love the interview and the fact that you dream so much, and please SALMON PINK!!! you can also try Limelight(like gaga's weave earlier before she used her wheelchair). I super love the fact that you're eager to bring the Indonesian brand alongside, and I do think you rock these blondes better than black
    check out my latest portfolio "Metropolis" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  5. you look so stunning! congratulation kak and ah! happy belated birthday as well! xx

  6. Adorable look and stunning hair

  7. Congrats for being featured on their very first issue of Fashionmagz
    .anyway, i'd like to see your hair in black