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Proud To Be

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Image courtesy of ivanvictorlucasphotography
Blazer&Pants: PitulaIndonesia
I'm a little bit skeptical about how much love should i give to my own country, will my country accept me for who i am? Sometimes i can't take those whispers and stares no more. Last week a 40ish years old man called me(and point his finger to me) a "witch" because his 5 years old daughter loved my hair in one of the biggest malls in Jakarta. Wow.... I will never  disgrace someone in public like that. Sometimes i really want to confront those narrow minded people, but it's just a waste of energy right? When our generation take control of Indonesia someday(and we will), i hope everything won't be the same,what is normal and what's not normal,our education system, what kind of movie that sells, etc. I believe that we should respect others decisions and give other people  spaces to be themselves.  To be the best they could be, to be proud of what they've become. Eliminating destructive behavior is necessary, in my honest opinion as a human being, religion should never be the problem, or even skin/hair color!Let's focus on the flood, drugs, criminal activity, traffic jam and poverty.Let's focus on how technology, fashion, creative and food industry can give Indonesia profits, cause the last time i check Nike, Reebok and even Zara are made in Indonesia. Be proud of yourselves people, i promote Indonesia everytime someone ask me where do i come from and i hope Indonesia can promote our generations too. I'm proud to be an Indonesian, because if i don't who will? 
Btw in this special post. I would like to thank a few of my super talented and creative sponsors from Indonesia. Thank you I wearUp, Abocs and last but not least PitulaIndonesia. Love love love everything.
17 August is a few days away, it's never too late to love your country.

Don't forget to bloom where you're planted pretty people!

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  1. kalimat2 ini aku setuju banget, Kak!

    we should respect others decisions and give other people spaces to be themselves

    Let's focus on the flood, drugs, criminal activity, traffic jam and poverty. Let's focus on how technology, fashion, creative and food industry can give Indonesia profits

    dukung produk lokal. yey :D

  2. Love your pants !!

  3. You speak such truth. I know it can be quite strict in Indonesia esp with religion, it restricts creativity and clothing choices. Don't worry, I don't think you're a witch and perhaps one day youth power will rise up in Indonesia too!

    Stay awesome, from Likkie,

  4. cannot agree more what you're point :)
    by the way i love your pants and blazer <3<3

  5. oh my. he's to harsh! narrow minded people.
    be yourself cc! And yes, respect other's ..
    Bytheway, love your shoes! and congrats for the next NY TRIP!
    can't wait to see the review :)

  6. aaak :( yg kayk gitu emang ga usah didengerin ci
    hopefully Indonesia bakal cepet maju dan masyarakatnya juga jadi lebih open minded yaaa <3

    anyway, rambutnya lucu banget warnanya, jadi purple-blue-ish gitu <3

  7. really love your shoes <3

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  8. true that! I just hate how they are so judgmental about everything. Even one time I heard someone was being sarcastic on me and saying that kids studying overseas are all the same, too westernised.
    Totally agree with your point ci!

  9. Can't agree more with your opinion, Cindy.
    There are so many problems in our country that have to be taken more seriously rather than judging on individual maters that will make no difference towards the better Indonesia.
    But I'm really happy that the youth power in Indonesia is growing steadily step by step, and creative yougster like you is really needed in this country.
    "Don't forget to bloom where you're planted pretty people!" this sentence is truly inspiring ! <3 xx

  10. Hey,
    sweet pics and a great outfit. Your style is amazing!

  11. ja elah tu bapak2.. cuekin aja jangan diambil hati yahh =*

    anyway would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

  13. believe me, if u were a witch u'll be the most stylish witch in the universe! even hermione, sabrina ect will get jealous of ur wardrobe... :p