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New York Fashion Week Day 2

Had a lot of fun on our second day of New York Fashion Week, I had a one in a life time chance to interview THE Brian Lichtenberg , he's the guy behind the Homies and Feline sweater! I also had a chance to interview and learn from the head hair stylist of Tresemme and head of the make up team too! I can't thank Fimela  and of course on of the sponsor of this fashion show Tresemme enough. read more and droll!

Guess what! I met Perez Hilton on the presentation, he's super nice and friendly, okay back to the collection...I love all of the outfits so much! My personal favorite were the high boots and red outfits, the blue fur is ah-mazing too, the backstage was full of pretty and skinny people i almost died looking at their fierce make up and last but not least their HAIR i was super excited when i saw all the models running around in heels. The Hair stylist use many tresemme products including hair mousse, gel and my favorite hair product of all hairspray! I used the new Tresemme Keratine shampoo and conditioner btw and my hair smells and looks amazing right!

Top:(Instagram) @3Mongkis
shoes:Nike(gifted by Mr.B)
Bracelet:Yihaa Project
Last but never least, our second Fimela video diary is hereeee! click click and stay tune for my next post pretty people!


  1. woah you're a lucky girl! have fun there :)
    love your hair, bag and bracelet

  2. love your outfit and very cute bracelet pastel color kak ceka kereen sekaliiih ^^

  3. Ahh how exciting! What an amazing day! Loving the slicked-back hair on all of the models.

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. Looks like an awesome adventure at NYFW! Hope you're enjoying the sights and fashion!

    From Likkie,

  5. I feel like I understand your point of view

  6. Wow, that looks amazing! Love the hair!!

    And oh my goodness, I died a little bit inside seeing the makeup and hair. That's such an incredible experience!!

  7. super envy!!! NYFW!! so cooll <333


  8. ci cekkk really envy you, really envy of your hair!! love the photographs and your outfit is adorbs!

  9. love your new hair color and bag! Bet you had so much fun!
    Bisous :*

    Sequin Queen

  10. LOVEEE the color, the skirt everything from Brian collection!!! <3 <3 and you look very chic and sporty <3
    Instagram: @michelleothman