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New York Fashion Week LIVE

Just a flight(or maybe two) away and i'll be in Newyork! yeay!! I promised to share my experience in New York Fashion Week by #fimelahood with you guys so follow my blog, twitter , Instagram and of course the one and only to get my daily updates LIVE from New York Fashion Week. Tweets, pics, video, blogpost, you name it! I'm so excited to share everything with you pretty people.
love- Hippiegonemadgirl


  1. have fun in NY! :D

  2. have fun in NY!
    Don't forget to eat as many as cronuts and bagels.
    And go to Central Park.
    And, if you guys're a big fan of cheesecake, go try Junior cheesecake. Best

    "Repeat 'isle of view' 5 times.
    Isle of view back :)"

    See you there?