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Road To The Riches

 When I was five years old I realized there was a road
At the end I will win lots of pots of gold
Never took a break, never made a mistake
Took time to create cos there's money to make
To be a billionaire takes hard work for years 
-Road To The Riches  by Kool G.Rap

 Read More and i'll explain why i feel like a million dollar baby!

Inhale... Exhale.... I will always remember why i felt like a million dollar baby that day. For the first time ever, i wore a set of super duper lovely fake nails from ks_nailart and the coolest tiger necklace from 3mongkis. Walking around New York with my maxi dress from  Berrybenka after a complimentary treatment from Mario Badescu fet ah-mazing. Hillary Duff, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba you name it! All of those pretty stars are a few Mario Badescu's client, i was sooo excited when the fimela team told me that i got an extra gift from LuxolaID (yes like a ticket to New York wasn't enough for me...*faint). I never thought that i would be "that" lucky so dream high people and work hard to reach it! Meanwhile, i'll continue my journey with LuxolaID and Mario Badescu!
 So, I got a super nice facial treatment with my therapist Angie(sadly she refused to be photographed) and i think the pictures in the facial room are a bit too revealing so i will show you some eye popping pics instead. The pictures above were the recommended beauty kit that i should purchase and use, i bought the seaweed cleansing soap and ignore the other things because I'm such a lazy lady i guess but THEN the beauty consultant gave me a lot (see the pictures below!) of free samples so that i could use them or gave them to my friends, love love Mario Badescu and luxolaID!
 Before I went to NewYork a package from LuxolaID arrived at my home sweet home, i decided to bring some of the super amazing beauty stuff to NewYork and saved a few for my readers later(yes i really want to share my happiness with all of you guys!just wait and see!). I got my favorite CC cream by Rachel.K and the beauty blender works like magic! The lip balm smells nice too and i never thought that nail polish could really polished your whole look! I really felt like a million dollar baby from head to toe, thank you so much luxolaID and Mario Badescu. This beauty experience change my whole life, i realized that the key to be beautiful was to take care of myself, to love myself first from head to toe and others will follow. Love yourselves ladies&dandies check out LuxolaID and treat yourselves!
Blazer:Dad's vintage 
Dress: berrybenka
Fake Nail:instagram @Ks_nailart
necklace: instagram @3mongkis
You can find all of the beauty products at LuxolaID


  1. pretty, love your look <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. You look so fab in this outfit c ceka! I really loveee your blogposts & outfits about NYFW! <3<3

  3. you are super gorgeous and looove your nail art <3<3

  4. lucky you :(
    and damn! i love your fake nail for sure

  5. this hair color would be your second best(after your teal-mint one ofcourse). I actually really love how you kept your outfit monochrome so the hair could really pop, the blazer and the dress just works perfectly with the heels, and the hair, of course, and I bet you felt so lucky you could run over the streets and tell everyone about it, right? must've been a wonderful experience (like omg, I feel like I'm in Sex and the City-moment, right?). ahh and your fake nails top notch! xo
    "Posh Plastic" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-