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See You New York

 I almost lost these pics, thanks to my unorganized-self... Thank you so much Olen Riyanto , my new friend and talented photographer who i met in New York during our extended days after the FimelahoodxTresemme journey was over *sad*... After my controversial 21cm heels post to balance it out finally i wear flats in this post. I miss New York already so scroll and you'll see the magic of times square!
I'm missing these crazy babes already, thank you and sorry if i did something wrong back in NYC Anas and Sonia *kisskiss*
Image courtesy of Olen Riyanto and Sonia(love her pentax cam)
Jacket&Skirt: BerryBenka
Shirt: instagram @lacouvertureshop


  1. these shots are so beautiful <3 hail to the photographer :D
    but anyways, you look so gorgeous in that outfits, your clashing pattern is so cool <3<3

  2. Love your inspiring blog :)

  3. love that outer

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa