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Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2014

 Sergio Rossi surely knows how to captivate the guests, what more can i ask? amazing atmosphere, a garden party with good music, fashionable people and on top of that we're surrounded by dozens of jaw dropping shoes! I was invited to a place near my neighborhood area that i never heard before, via mozart.... The name of the street itself scream ARTmazing! Thanks to Sergio Rossi for showing us one of my most favorite Milan "secret" places. It was a private mansion filled with vintage,golden interior and the amazing shoes of Sergio Rossi spring Summer 2014 collection. I always believe that shoe is a part of art and if you don't believe me, Sergio Rossi will convinced you... 
 My favorite shoes of the day, take a look at that breathtaking wooden soles, can't wait to grab them next year! Dear ladies, sergio rossi always have any shoes you need for every occasion. As i wandered around the house, i spotted a lot of amazing shoes in every corner. Their amazing shapes and colors blended well with the mansion's art pieces. Actually the mansion became a dreamy places because of the shoes, every woman needs not just a good pair of shoes but at least one art pieces as a platform of themselves, living arts. Raise your hands if you're agree with me!
 Thank You once again Sergio Rossi for the amazing presentation and garden party. It was so out of this world and heart warming just like Sergio Rossi...ciao ciao!