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Dark Cherry

Hi pretty people! Finally i'm back, thank you so much for waiting and still visiting my blog eventhough the hippiegonemadgirl didn't post anything new and here i am! Bare with my new blog layout will you? I'll have some minor changes etc during the next two weeks i guess, what do you think of the "new" Hippie Gone Mad? and oh i also have new hair! yeay, don't worry mad hair lover, it'll grow! I got a few emails about my new hair cut and some mad(but i still love you) readers who wanted to buy my hair. I won't sell any of my body parts guys, not after i saw the 3rd season of American Horror Story. btw thank you so much ShoecornedID for this cherry red shoes, love love love it so much. Time flies so much, i remember two years ago when i constantly abusing my red lipsticks daily, i missed my red lipstick and i'm currently searching for the right hair color to match my lipstick later. Thank you Anas for the chanel lipstick, you know me so well.

Oh oh another question for my readers, i'm teaming up with a few brands of clothing&beauty to give you guys the perfect christmas giveaway, hint? It'll be an exclusive HippieGonemad hamper with my favorite beauty&fashion pieces. Anybody crossing their fingers?

Photographed by:Kaymori
Shoes: ShoecornerID
Rings: YSL,H&M


  1. You looks more pretty with your new hair!! <3
    And super love with the shoes!!

    Visit mine:

  2. ci cindy bagus banget rambutnyaaaa <3
    anyway~ suka banget sama layout barunya ci! so clean!
    the shoes are amazing as well <333

  3. These shoes look soo cool on you, great look!!:)


  4. lovin' ur new haircut
    and love ur look either <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. finallyyyyyyy you write something. Honestly I miss your post hehe
    I love you in red like this

  6. hottieee!! i love your coat and your new hair looks gorgeous x

    Letters To Juliet