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Winter Grey

It'll be the busiest weekend of January starting today i guess because i need to work on my final school project while running to various fashion shows on Milan Mens Fashion Week, i really really miss the hectic schedule of fashion week! i can't believe that it's been 4 months since i went to New York with Fimela and now, I'll be the contributor of MensFolioID and will take over their twitter and instagram acc this week til tuesday so stay tune guys for more update and streetstyle eyegasm!
Btw here are a little bit of my last photoshoot that my dad took for me, thank you dad for the awesome pic, it's hard to travel without your photographer or fellow bloggers i guess. I need a photographer her in Milan! can someone help me? Grazie!

Blazer by Zara
Scarf by &Otherstories
Flats by H&M
Bag by Michael Kors
Skirt by Avanava


  1. awesome! I always excited to see a person in a coat
    by the way nice hair, I love it most than another tone

  2. wooff woof,
    i can't wait for the Milan Fashion Week update <3
    please spot Pelayo Diaz and Anna Dello Russo for me :D

    every bloggers problem:
    "hard to travel without photographer or fellow bloggers who know your best angle"
    i suggest you to do collaboration again with Kaymori

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. Beautiful!! Good luck with your final project and job! looking forward to your updates!

  4. love the first picture very much!! you look pretty <3 love the mk bag!

  5. woww, how lucky you are to become a correspondent for Men's Folio ID along the Milano Men's Fashion Week. goodluck Cindy !!

  6. i love your bag !

  7. wow those shots still look great
    and of course with ur great look

    Good luck
    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  8. im so in love with ur hair! great pics! xx

  9. hai cindy, i dont know why, but i feel so relate with your first picture. to let go of something. do you mind if I use it in my blog? of course I'll link it to your blog. if you do, please tell me, I'll put it down immediately.