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Casual Saturday

Hi world! I'm back, still have one more exam to go the most important one of course, my outfits are 90% done so wish me luck! Some of you ask me if i always keep myself together all the time, i really want to look good all the time but trust me guys even the super glam kim kardhasian needs sometime to be the laziest person on earth when it comes to fashion.
I'd rather finish my exam then walking fabulously but need to re do everything all over again, sometimes y'all think that fashion designer needs to be super fabulous etc, and now you know why they all wear black... a black denim and shirts or even white tee... it's because they don't have time to style themselves! They're too busy working on the most important thing the brand could have which is the fashion show...
Long story short, when i don't have time i just take a sweater and denim + a cute heels... I'm obsessed with the oversized straight denim that i got from Berlin last january. I don't reccomend this type of denim for you petite ladies, another perk of being a tall girl(can i hear amen?). but to substitute this denim you could cut an oversized vintage denim and secure it on your highwaist with a belt of course you'll look cute and taller. :)
I only have one hour left to go to the printing shop and print some images for my moodboards! ciao ciao for now ladies buon weekend!

Photographed by kaymori
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Cheap Monday
Heels : Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels


  1. stunning look! and I love your hair!

  2. those heels argh-mazing!
    good luck for your final exam anyway <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. i love your casual outfit, it's casual yet stunning! also i really love the second photo, your smile is beautiful, ci ceka :D

  4. kamu makin makin deh ! aku nggak ngerti lagi, kayanya yang degradasi cuma aku aja.

    dengan ini aku menyatakan hengkang dari dunia maya



    u look amazing ceka. not many can pull of such denim pants

    LOVE !

  5. Keep fighting to do your final exam, Cindy :)
    all our prayers are yours, make us proud as an Indonesian :)
    I see that you have a freedom in this super simple casual outfit like this

  6. simple is always the best.
    you look stunning<3

  7. youu are soo pretty gorgeous !! love your simple outfits <3

  8. Your look is great but I wish you wear skinny pants :)

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  9. you nail the jeans very well! stunning look <3

    Letters To Juliet