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Sergio Rossi F/W 2014 - "Poetic Surrealism"

I felt like Alice in the wonderland when i first enter the Sergio Rossi F/W 2014 presentation, they have a small door to enter to the gigantic secret garden of sergio rossi, the atmosphere was magical, I felt as if i was in a different world, i was captivated by the shape of the shoes. These pics above can't give those delicate butterfly heels and wedges that only fit for princesses any justice.
The paper art gave the poetic surrealism theme the "dreaminess" it needs, I was hypnotize by the butterfly heels, it was super delicate, the see through fabric and laser cut on the shoes made it even more enchanted, as if a butterfly land in each of their shoes and decided to collide. The musk green wedge was far from ordinary, I wish i could wear the wedge that day, I'd feel like the princess of an enchanted forest i guess. I believe in the magic of a pair of great shoes, shoes can change your personality and even better... life! Sergio Rossi will only make those who dare to wear their shoes, feel special. The attention to detail, the stitches were super precised and i get a massive eyegasm when i saw the arch of the heels, I salute Angelo Ruggeri the design director of Sergio Rossi for making such dreamy collections and shoes that woman needs. I think this collection could represent a lot of our character as women, the sexy and feisty boots, the regal green wedges, the delicate butterfly heels and the glam-show stopping scale pumps or of course the bejeweled moccasin. Can't wait to grab at least one of those pairs when they hit the stores.