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Sergio Rossi:A Tribute to Arte Povera

During the Milan Design Week, i got the chance to see the Sergio Rossi Exhibition of their limited edition sneakers that were also a tribute to the Avant-Garde's arte povera, The shoeception is how i called it on instagram, and the reason why i called it that way is super obvious no?

I  was amazed by the combination of Sergio Rossi's elegant design and the artwork of Arte Povera's artist such as Alighiero Boetti. Kudos to the master mind of this collection and also the design director Angelo Ruggeri, this exhibition for me was also a celebration of the Italian finest art of shoe making. Sergio Rossi was successfully merge their sneakers into the artsy surrounding.

The attention to detail and the quality control of each sneakers were mind blowing, from the stitches, zipper detail, hand embroidery to the finest croco leather material. There were also some of the "raw" parts showcased in the exhibition, the deeper knowledge of the arte povera and the art of shoe making collide beautifully. This exhibition will make all shoe lover respect and love their shoes more than ever. A limited number of these sneakers will be available on Sergio Rossi's selected store in October 2014 and for those who were lucky enough, they could pre-order the sneakers the day after the exhibition.