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An Eye for An Eye (+SuperGurl Giveaway)

Ah Summer come too soon here in Milan, i can feel the sun tickling and the cold winter turn into summer breeze. I don't have time to maintain my diet and gain a lot like a LOT though but i will probably going crazy at the gym today. You can get the clutch that i'm wearing only at Poppy Lissiman , i'm in love with the clutch especially after i saw it in the Men repeller's instagram! Thank you Poppy Lissiman for the gift, super love the color and the symbol. This clutch rocks and it's nice to have a cute clutch in the summer, will take it to the beach in a few weeks.
BTW if you love the shorts i'm wearing on my last post ( see it here ) and also this dress that i'm wearing from my sponsor SuperGurl  you can check out my giveaway in instagram 
The price is 3 SGD20 vouchers for 3 winners just comment "I Love Cindy" ON MY INSTAGRAM and follow @supergurl on instagram too!! 

Good luck and i'll post the pic asap!

-cindy karmoko