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Sleep Walking

The comfiest trend of all, pajamas trend! From Alexander Wang to Celine to Marc Jacobs, the pajamas trend is my current favorite trend of all time. It'll make you look slightly larger because of the loose and oversized pajamas but it's super comfy and addictive, i'm obsessed with the grid prints, i know i know i'm a late bloomer, but i have another job focusing on Interior Design lately. YES, interior!? but it's still connected to fashion, so do wait patiently for it okay. I have a huge interest towards interior design as y'all may know. Back to the topic! I wear a 3D printed heart in red to make it fun and also my favorite red Jet Set Selma bag that i bought last September during NYFW from Michael Kors.
I really miss anas and sonia and all of my blogger friends lately, i feel super homesick and stressed out because of my last final exam, i wish i could come to Jakarta for a week or two and have a fun chit chat with my friends.
Btw yes i'm wearing my Margiela x H&M wedges again, because i think i need to give my babies some love and walk with them after all this time, suffocating your shoes in a tiny dark box is a shoe crime! *going crazy*.

Top&Pants: H&M
Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela
Bag: Michael Kors Jet Set Selma


  1. love the brooch accent! it gives a lil pop of color in monochrome set <3


  2. you looks so cool !

  3. i super love this outfit ! <3

  4. simplyyy cool and it looks soo comfortable, just thinking about wearing the same trend hohoho lol

  5. always in love with match top and pants
    and red pieces make your look more stunning

    huge love to this look

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  6. that red brooch complete all the looks!

  7. Great two piece look....Looks comfortable and chic

  8. love your matching top and bottom! stunning look xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. Love this outfit! It's very simple but stunning, keep on going:)