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Witch In The Wonderland

The sun showed me no mercy that day, during my witching our, surrounded by rainbow colored houses in a secret place far far away. It's my fault, i know... but black and white is my daily uniform. I could function better in black and white and red of course! I had a fun trip to a small village called burano, ah... i was (believe it or not) working that day for a special project. I need to keep it as HGM biggest secret for now, but i promise I'll tell you later within a month and a half or two.
I feel so blessed right now, as i type this blogpost.... Years ago people called me idiot because i love my shoes more than anything, but yes good shoes will take you to good places. The first post of this blog was my first two pairs of jeffrey campbell heels 3 years ago. I don't know if that post is still exist in this blog since i change my whole blog and some posts are missing(sorry people).
Btw, if you paid attention on yesterday's post, i wear an oversized shirt with embroidery on the back that said "Trust Yourself". You really need to trust yourselves people, your destiny is yours! So don't let anybody dictate you, years ago i wonder why i can't fit in during my high school years, maybe i was or i AM a freak. so what!? After watching three seasons of Orange is The new Black i realize that I'm not a freak, I'm unique.... High school taught me that to be dislike is perfectly normal, you can't please anyone and it was a humbling experience i guess. I was a nobody in my high school, and now... I'm entering a whole new level after i graduate! From my experience, you need to stay humble no matter what. You will always be a nobody to somebody unless you're Beyonce.
Just trust your guts and follow your passion, i met a lot of super cool and humble people during my "trip" to (let's say only...) Burano. One of them was the most talented and humble photographer i've ever met. Y'all must now his name by now,  Mr. Kay Moreno from Moreno Photography . He always capture everything with elegance and create beauty at its finest. I admire him and his wife so much(hi ka jo!), they create a wonderland out of no where! + their sense of humor make them even more perfect(Oh and their super perfect daughters of course duh!! *envi*).
Long story short, here are the lovely pics of Mr. Kay Moreno! I feel like a witch in the wonderland!

Photograph by Ka Kay Moreno

Blazer: Next
Shirt: @Lacouvertureshop
Shorts: Supergurl
Heels: Stella Mccartney;
Bag:Michael Kors


  1. yeah you can go wrong with black!
    i do love wearing black outfit <3
    amazing shoot btw

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. lovely pics by professional photographer <3


  3. so chic! awesome shoes!

  4. Love your shoes as well as the place where you take this picture, cii :) xx

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  5. you look so great as always, do adore the shoes so much! looking forward to your next post :)

  6. Monochrome could never go wrong, indeed :)


  7. loving the black on black outfit! super fab xx

    Letters To Juliet