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More pics if you click read more i promise!

A lot of my readers said that my looks are getting cleaner each day, i love to feel effortlessly special. I want to make myself feel special of course, i'm a woman after all.I got a lot of positive and also negative comments because of my previous post. If i forgot to mention or if you need an explanation. These photoshoots are parts of my collaboration with the super talented photographer Wina Namara. She contacted me and i say yes! Then this happen.... I love to challenge myself and photo-shoots are parts of my meditation i guess. I could forget about everything and walk in someone's shoes for awhile, i could act and breath as another person for a few hours and i love it. Here are my new sets of pictures! Thank you so much the talented and humble Hober Marsel for coming and gave me the opportunity to wear your amazing art works. I love my team to the moon and back.

Photographed by Wina Namara
Make up by Talia Subandrio of A team management
Headpiece by Hober Marsel
Top: COS
Skirt: Chlorine Clothe


  1. this editorial photos should be in VOGUE JAPAN or something
    and you should be a professional model too!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Cooll !!

  3. awesome. I love everything in this photoshoot. the make up, the concept, everything. seriously, you looks like vogue model <3

  4. I love the make up so much! <3

  5. Oh my God, I always love your photos, ci deka !


  6. challenging yourself for a new experience everyday..
    maybe some of them now don't understand but i'm sure one day they will
    i like your personality you know.
    you always inspired me for being positive everyday!


  7. So beautiful, I like the veil, like a bride.

  8. Omg this is like the most beautiful picture of yours and I'm not even kidding :')

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  9. This is the first time i drop by to your blog.
    Scrolling down and saw this post. OMG... beyond words... SO BEAUTIFUL PICS.
    Love the glitters (?) freckles!! Love the colour of the eyeshadow and the thick eyebrows so stunning! Love Love love