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I Choose To Be The Beast

The beast is awake after a little hiatus.I finally put these pictures that i got this morning from one of my favorite Indonesians, Jo Widira the wife of Kay Moreno. Thanks to Instagram, we follow each other, I fell in love with her insta feed, full of cute and dreamy things, the way she styled her daughters Summer and April made me want to have daughters just like them. My instagram on the other hand was(and maybe is) very chaotic, my style was far from elegant and dreamy, i thought our instagram were like the beauty and the beast. Mine is the beast of course, full of edgy monochrome pictures, never ending changes of hair colors and i rarely smile. I'm not mysterious though, i always put my face on instagram once in a while, but not her.... I really admired her work and wanted to meet her in person... A few days after i follow her on instagram i just realized that she's the wife of my favorite photographer, Kay Moreno....
Everything make sense! Her photography skill is also impeccable. I didn't know how and why but she contacted me and offer me a job as the stylist for Harper's Bazaar Indonesia "My Fashionable Life Article", I said yes right away and worked with her husband Kay Moreno. Long story short, i had a dinner in her magical apartment in Jakarta and Andreas Zhu painted my face perfectly then we had a photo shoot 10 hours before my flight to Milan. Surrounded by the most inspiring people everything feels so surreal. I thought that i just make one of my wild dreams come true, finally i thought that you don't have to become the typical beautiful girl to reach your dreams, i chose to be the beast and i love it.
Maybe this could be your Halloween inspiration? Be the fierce beast this time. A little bit bizarre instead of the usual pretty vintage look.What do you think of this look guys?

Photographed by Kay Moreno (Moreno Photography)
Make Up by Andreas Zhu
Blazer borrowed from Jo Widira - Moschino
Shorts by Zara Studio


  1. bloody gorgeous!
    lucky you to work with an amazing & talented people <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Those picts are just too gorgeous ceka! Love all of your pose, dramatically stunning!!!

    crunchy cheese me

  3. omg! I love all of the photos. It's amazing, awesome, ahh even I can't describe in a words. Super love it <3 <3 <3

  4. Great post! Amazing photos! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm following you on GFC and I hope you will follow me back! :) xoxo

  5. Woow the photography is truly amazing - but you look even more amazing!!!


  6. Beautiful! I love the shorts. xx,

    Angelus |

  7. Seriously girrrrrrrrl. How is possible to look so flawless?!The photos look incredible and will be surely stealing that makeup look for Halloween. Fab post <3

    // xx

  8. I like your make up, amazing!! These photos are good!