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Found this photos of mine stuck in my desktop for this past few months, oh i really want to slap my self so hard... But it's better late than never right? After all of the "I don't speak bullshit" tee trend in Indonesia, i finally post this look on my blog. Ahh... ironic isn't it *virtual kiss for my boyfriend*. But Nevertheless, thank you thank you thank you for not forgetting my blog and for the featured dear media friends in Indonesia. I feel loved and look at me! In the January issue of Gogirl! Magazine! That's all for now, ciao ciao

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas
T-shirt : DignityCloth
Jeans: GAP 
Heels: Stella Mccartney 
Bag: Braccialini


  1. you look.. very beautiful
    I love the color of your clothes

  2. Congrats for the featured and I love the tees <3