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Hi y'all! Trying something new for my blog today, made a few gif of my most favorite piece during the Milan and London fashionweek! as my blog readers are all dream achiever. I really want to share my experience with you guys regarding on the creative side of fashion since i already finish my undergraduate in fashion design and currently aiming for a master degree in fashion styling and visual merchandising. More or less, i fought the fight and i think i fight good and become better in each challenge!
As you may now I have my first internship with Harper's Bazaar Indonesia and i worked with  the super humble , Mr. Michael Pondaag as his stylist intern and Ka Aziz as his Bazaar web intern. I learned a lot from my experience from both of my senior and eventhough i always love fashion in every way possible; fashion is indeed not as glam as the front cover of a magazine or my personal style post that you saw. There were a lot of things going on behind the scene! That's why i really love people who understand and appreciate my part time job as an influencer! I don't know if "influencer" is a word or not btw, but i do love to spread good news about fashion and bad news if it will benefit my readers. I love changing your life because you also change mine!
I currently scored an internship at L'officiel Italia and i voluntary become  an intern for a concept store here in Milan as their social media stylist, i realize that we creative people need to be creative on cue. I need to edit all of the fashion week photos in a blink of an eye and maintain my own instagram and wokstore instagram + i need to make all of the posts according to the company's identity.
My tips to be creative on cue:
1. Study the brand identity and signature style
2. Don't be too idealist, sell the product! Eventhough you love to be artsy, by the end of the day you need to sell your art anyway.
3. If you work for a magazine, READ the magazine and read other magazine too! See who's the competitor and try to not to repeat what the competitors do.
4. Be flexible, don't focus only in one thing, be open minded and take the risk!
5. Don't be afraid to propose something new
6. Manage your time wisely!
7. If you work in team, remember they hire you as a team for a reason... You can't work alone! I love to analyze people and find their strength, if you know that they're better than you at some things. Let them do what they know best and include them in the process. The company goal is the priority, if you want to improve your skill....(read the next tips)
8. Improve your skill at home! Read books, ask uncle google, go to museum or fashion exhibition during weekend, have a dinner or lunch with your friends!
9. Save image as.... Save everything that inspires you, i save everything in this mean machine and organize them in folders. So when you need them you don't need to spend two hours to search for your long lost background.
10. Last but not least, never say you're tired, never say it's impossible, be kind and always smile!
Stay creative, be creative dear dreamers! Happy Sunday babes!

Designers of a/w2015 :
1. Burberry
2. Gucci
3. Christopher Kane
4. Mary Katrantzou
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  1. first monday in march, having a cup of coffee plus just finished reading your post. That's a good news. Have a nice day!

  2. nice post
    thanks for sharing

  3. Thankyou for sharing those adorable tips, I'd like to hear more about your internship work :))