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Back To Turquoise

Hi again! I'm back with my turquoise hair!! How are you guys? I hope life treats you well, my life is super hectic right now, juggling between my final thesis, internship collaboration with WOKstore and also L'Officiel Italia! My hectic fashion jobs require me not only to wear comfortable functional outfits but also stylish. I need to represent the magazine for sure during press days no? I rarely wear colorful outfit, that's why eventhough this Rinjani kaftan is super comfortable, i still need something black somewhere in my outfit palette. So i put on my dad's vintage blazer and go! I love how the blazer makes my outfit less feminine and the pockets are super helpful too!
For all of my readers who have a lot of kaftan but don't know how to pull a look without looking to festive or (dare i say) out of style. Blazer is the best option. I also wear my loveliest earring from KollageID. Favorite affordable online shop of all time, do visit and shop!
I think that's all for now, i'm still in L'officiel Italia office while typing this post ahaha. Ciao ciao from the turquoise colored hair fashion intern yeay! P.S Do add my snapchat : Cindykarmoko for instant update from me!

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Dress: Rinjani
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Blazer: Vintage
Earring: KollageID


  1. Your face looks so much fresher somehow. Is it because the hair? Anyway, great looks as always!


  2. Damn! you makes me miss my turquoise hair too :")
    anyway, you are bringing kaftan to the next level
    coz usually I saw kaftan worn by women with hijab
    you really know how to pull it off and become fashionable + stylish at the same time

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. I personally think you look best in this color! so you! sepertinya seru banget ya ci intern lyfe nyaaaa <3

  4. love how you wear the kaftan with blazer! good luck with everything ci ♥

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  5. Gorgeous! I love the kaftan color <3

  6. omg your hair <3

  7. love love love your hair color!


  8. OMG sounds so exciting interning for L'Officiel Italia! I admire the way you using every chance to get new experiences xx

  9. always love your hair . good luck for the internship

  10. hi cindy! been following your hair changes since a while.. i wonder if you can recommend the hair salon where you did your hair coloring in milan? i'm in milan now and i'm thinking to do some hair coloring.. thanks!