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How To Maintain Colored Hair? #Fabulousendings

Have you seen my newest hair color yet? Yes I change it for the thousand times. I get this question a lot since I first bleach my hair 3++ years ago. From people who only saw me on instagram/blog and from those surprise faces who touch my hair for the first (and maybe their last) time of their life.
The big question is “How do you maintain your hair after all these years of bleaching and coloring and curling? How much does it cost?”
I tried a lot of hair product, trust me! Healthy hair is my number one priority, and for all of you in Indonesia. You can always rely on TRESemme. I’ve been using their product since I went to New York fashionweek! Remember? And I’m loving it ever since, with TRESemme you could know how to prevent the split ends, the type of split ends and how to deal with it. I really recommend you to understand your own hair before you put chemical substance on them. For me, it’s not always about the price. You can have fabulous hair with affordable products as long as you know how and when to use it. Consistency is the key to healthy hair.
As for me my number one favorite is their Tresemme’s Split Repair Collection, it’ll nurture your hair and you should definitely use them everyday! I already spill my hair secret but will give you more good news.
You can now have their FREE SAMPLES! Just click HERE and request for free samples. Tell me in the comment below how is it!


  1. Hey,
    love TRESemme products!
    Could you tell me what kind of song is playing on your blog?

    1. hi i think it's the gucci f/w 2015/2016 video on the bottom that keeps playing this lovely song :)