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Happiness Is here

It's nice to finally could wear my birthday present from le boyfriend! My Celine shoes, yeay! Btw here is the girls behind my photoshoots, my best friends in Milan Ansel and Ayu. Ayu used to be my forever photographer but thanks to my new  photographer, Ayu could take a break and join me instead! Yes Milan is full of cool girls and fashion people, but don't let my look fool you, i got the vest all the way from Indonesia! It's from Kivee , i've been searching for the right vest and finally i found one. I'm so proud of our local brands from Indonesia and it makes me think to make one... I miss Indonesia and i'm thinking of coming back to Indonesia for good, but i don't know! Should i stay or should i go Milan? :(

Photographed by Maytridan Sumalong
Vest: Kivee
Skirt: Zara 
Sweater: Double Agent USA
Shoes: Celine
Bag: Marni
Sunnies: Happiness Shades