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Going Bananas

When in Rome, you might as well going bananas. I was fascinated by the street of Rome, you could definitely see the historical sites towering across this crazy street's murals. I  couldn't help but taking some fresh pictures and reminiscing of my fun days when i visit NewYork. Ah... Rome is so refreshing and full of unexpected things to see.
Btw i got my new favorite coat from YOYOMELODY ! You should definitely check their site out and shop! I love how warm and affordable this coat is, it's velvety and it gets me through the harsh winter weather for sure. I also paired it up with my usual monochrome outfits and i know you know that i know (is this sentence reminds you of the sitcom FRIENDS? lol) how much i love my oxford tan yeezyboost350. It's so comfy and i saw my fav diva Wendy Williams rock this one too! I got a lot of questions about my Yeezys, should i make another video review about my fav sneakers/ maybe focusing on my yeezys? That's all for now don't forget to see the NEWEST VLOG " MY TRIP TO ROME" only on my youtube channel(click click) 

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Coat: Yoyomelody
Legging: Zara
Scarf: Muji
Shoes: Yeezyboost350 in oxfordtan
Sunglasses : Prada
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure