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Days Like This

Days like this when you can't think clearly and everything looks sad on you. All you need is a few trustworthy items from your wardrobe. When the world fails you, you'll know at least your sense of style won't. A no fuss, comfy, cozy and no BS outfit. A set of leather clutch and purse with your initial on it, and you're ready to go! Trying to conquer your mind and to distract your heart from thinking lots of things lately. Thank you Vin Koo for the birthday gift, i love the clutch so much. :)

Bag: Vin Koo
Shoes; Jasmine Elizabeth
Watch: Briston 


  1. great casual look!

  2. Happy birthday girl ..
    Followed your snapchat, but wondering where Boki is

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I especially love your shoes <3 xx

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